Marvelous Tomorrow Presenting: Future Soon 

Katherine Monet

What is Future Soon? It’s a new way to share future ideas, that’s eventual. Depending on the ideas I create are a Marvelous Tomorrow Original or a Sketchfuture Original. Future Soon is now officially a business of its own by creating videos to promote something for the future, for example, book trailers and something more. Along the way of this new journey, which I’m so excited to share with all of you, that not only these future businesses is going to promote itself, by writing about it, is to create it to existence.

I want to impact people’s lives with everything I do here on the website and Sketchfuture as well. It’s part of the whole point why I’m doing this, it’s for the people, it’s for the community, such as All Entertainment, an entertainment community I aspire to create which is a Future Soon. All in due time, as I create my online course Life Artist and currently planning Feature Class, I’m definitely looking forward to, writing more of The Coffee Table Read, and starting / planning on a monthly magazine, I’ll definitely post a launch date for that.

“Now is the time to create, soon it will become, and in the future, it will be great.” – Katherine Monet

Feature Image Copyright: PremiumBeat