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Wattpad Stories: The Sweet Blossoms: The Sweet Sprinkle Part 2

By Katherine Monet Welcome back to Sweet Rollinghill! We left Mayor Withers plotting to get his revenge on The Blossoms and The Blossom’s husbands. But we’ll soon find out his true colors soon. In the meantime, The Blossom Women, Malia, Willow Di, Garland Rose, and Kendall were all gathered at the Garland Rose’s cafe at …


Wattpad Story: Sweet Blossoms: The Sweet Escape: Part 1

By Katherine Monet In the town of Sweet Rollinghill, South Carolina, you might think it is the most beautiful place on earth. Where there are lakes, wonderful sunny days, forests, and cozy cafes. But you should know that everyone in this town whispers. They whisper your name behind your back and talk badly. We’re known …