Do you ever feel stuck in your life? Or uncertain? What about the feeling that there’s no one and nowhere to turn to?

Advice On Life is exactly that; you can turn to this series whenever you need a pick me up. Life will always be hard, even sometimes hard on yourself too. Self – judgement, self – worth, and negative thinking is harmful to us, because we’ve all been there. Fear, shame, guilt, doubt, anger, and sadness is part of the journey. I hope this blog post series will help you go through whatever you’re struggling with.

I’ll share with you some insights, realizations I had throughout my personal journey and what I’ve learnt from life. Remember, if you want to stop the storm inside you, know that it starts with you, and that you would want it for yourself. I’m not here to tell anyone life is unfair, which is partially is true, but it’s unfair to yourself to let the storm rage on in self – judgement, and worth.

You’re worth, is worth a lot. You’re a gift, a gift in you that shines. Become your own lighthouse from the distant shores, and the storm becomes no more.

Ready to begin the long awaited place you can turn to, and transform your life around!?

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