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Does This Look Familiar Collage

The Book of Classics and Favorites 

by Katherine Monet  on March 28 

In the past, I started doing the Does This Look Familiar, I would publish a video or a picture from back in the day as a throwback. This is part of the Throwback Miniverse, the shows/ films of the past that are familiar to us, and what we remember that’s part of our childhood, and teenagehood. What better way to recollect all of those memories from a  long time ago can still be with us now. Creating a digital collage of all of these things can spark our memories to remember the good old days, that sometimes we would like to reminisce about. I find  it’s important to remember the past, for a few reasons. One, to revisit memories we forget. Two, it helps us to accept where we are now. Three, to learn from our past mistakes. Four, the past mirrors the present to remind us that we’re not perfect. This is why the past is important. 

My plan for these collages, would be personalized for everyone. I like to put polls and questions on your favorite things on Instagram, and put together the collages that way. What do you think? Is this something you’d like to receive? 



Would You Like Story Trailer Previews?

by Katherine Monet on March 28 

I’m planning on fixing up the blog in a way that it will be more engaging and fun. One of those things are the Story Trailer Previews. In the past, when I published the story trailers, were quite popular, and I would like to bring them back into its category. I want the blog to be a space where everyone can go to, join the discussion / the community I want to create [ All Entertainment]. With these trailers, every story I write has a theme of its own we can all learn from. As a writer, I don’t just write stories for the love of doing it, it’s part of doing it is what I love. But most importantly, books change the world and the people in it. 

So, what do you think? Would you like more of the Story Trailer Previews to be more regular? 

Reading Together Can Create A Marvelous Life! 

The Tonight Show Review 

by Katherine Monet on March 28 

Writing reviews I find is somewhat a challenge for me, because it’s something I don’t have experience in doing. I’m going to do everything I can to research, and learn the process to start reviewing the films and shows I watch, the books I read, and for The Tonight Show Review. As you might know, one of my most popular series other than the Read Weeklys, is the Saturday Night Trailers / Tonight Show games. 

My plan, for The Tonight Show Review is to create something I like to call MarvelousTube. The blog is now becoming a video “platform.” I’ll do my best on what I can do with that, it’s going to be different from YouTube. 

What if, the MarvelousTube, from a small Miniverse on the blog does become my own video platform? Wouldn’t that be awesome?! 

Obviously, the blog helps me to get started on the big projects I have, such as this idea I’m excited to get into. I need more ideas that are achievable, so I can start my career in fulfilling to create a Marvelous future for us all. 

Starting one little step at a time, I’m closer than ever to achieving by greatest dreams. Not only learning how to write reviews, but for everything else. 

Let’s Continue to Grow A Marvelous Tomorrow Together!

The Sequel Spinoff Series 

by Katherine Monet on March 28

Continuing what movies and television shows left off, by leaving us disappointed in a show we wanted to know what happened that was canceled. Picking up from where they left, I decided to create Mbooks to continue those stories led by a new set of characters. 

What are Mbooks? Great question. Mbooks are Marvelous books, just like an ebook is made, Mbooks are similar but better. In the form of a magazine-like book, you can have in your hands,  and a digital version too. 

This takes fanfiction to a whole new level. And, that’s the whole point of what I do on the blog. I got to say, with all of these blog projects I set out to do is a full time job, but it’s a good thing, how? It’s the literal foundation of my career. 

As I continue to write stories in many ways possible, I get to share so much with all of you guys. With every project I do, like this, comes with a greater picture. That is, creating a Marvelous future, I set out to do for everyone. 

By writing stories, I change the world to it’s fullest potential and the people in it, transform our lives and lifestyles to something more meaningful. That’s my purpose, and I can’t wait to start making a difference. 


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