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A Marvelous Original Writer’s Channel In – the – Making 

Write For The Big Screen 

by Katherine Monet on March 14

In the past, I wrote about having my own Writer’s Channel. Where I’d  have my own animated Late Night Show, write skits, and create a whole universe of a TV Channel. What’s on a TV Channel? Movies, shows, news, and more original ideas. Now that I have officially started when I was still doing The Late Night Kate Show, there’s more on the way. So, what is my version as a writer to create movies and shows? There are a few ways to do this. The Sequel Spinoffs, Screen Motions, writing stories and adding pictures, or creating short story movie videos. There are so many ways to create a story and adding them to the Writer’s Channel. 

I could do it all, but I would rather figure out what’s the best course of action. Looks like I got some thinking to do before I jump in. I’ll keep you all updated once I know what to do. 



Outrageous Ideas In the Marvelous Space-Time Continuum 

by Katherine Monet on March 14

One idea after another, in this Marvelous universe I created for myself  is to show all of you it’s possible to come up with new original ideas. I find it challenging because the people in the book or film industry are somewhat stuck in this cliche loop, coming up with something that we’ve seen so many times. Remakes, reboots, sequels, you name it. 

I don’t want to sound like I’m putting myself on a pedestal, but I feel I have the capability of creating something new when it comes to writing stories or the projects I create for the blog, expanding this world of ideas and make something of it. In a previous Coffee Table Read, I wrote that I wanted to do a Future Soon in – person event, Marvelous Tomorrow Con. 

Me and my big dreams and ideas! I get to share with all of you. It has been such a pleasure to share. Every day I see there are people reading my blog who have stuck around for awhile, I get this feeling that people have appreciated my content. I get a lot of comments on how I’m original, how others think that why am I not more popular I should be online. 

In my opinion, either my blog isn’t that popular as I want it to be, I’m okay with that. Other than that, I do feel at some point in my life and career, I will make my mark on the world and be more than great. 

Same for you reader, we’re all destined to be great, and create our Marvelous Tomorrow. 

What About The Coffee Read #2? 

by Katherine Monet on March 14

In this new issue of The Coffee Table Read has reached #24. Even though it has skipped a number, I continue on the Read Weeklys. So, what happened with the missing #2 Coffee Read? I didn’t realize that I hadn’t written the second one after I kept going. 

That’s when I realized. 

Will there be a Coffee Read #2? Or is this a new opportunity to make something of it? And, I think you might know where I’m heading with this! Obviously, I’m going to choose to create something of it. Watch out for The Coffee Book 2. More updates are coming when I publish its page. 

Have A Warm. Coffee of Tomorrow! [ new catchphrase] 


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