Katherine Monet

Love and passion, why is it important? Love is a broad idea and feeling we have, it’s something that is warm within us, it’s when we feel we’re cared for, our pleasures, and more. What about passion? Passion is something we feel about something specific. Being passionate about your interests are tied to our personalities, passion is a love of something we do or want to do. Why is love and passion important to us? Without passion, there’s no love, without care or interest, there’s no passion. Passion and love go hand in hand with each other.

Love and passion is the root core of life. The things we do, enjoy, family, friendships, relationships, and the importance of these is what drives our motivation, our confidence, our place in the world, and our self – power. Passion is the source of energy for power, and love is the source of energy of passion. Passion and love gives power to us and fuels our motivations. Not only that, but it also connects to our purposes in life. Purpose is spoken as singular, it shouldn’t be, it’s supposed to be plural.

Having love and passion for what we do, whether it’s being a mother, a father, and doing everything you can for the surrounding people in your life. Life is beautiful, with passion and love and care, we fulfill our purposes we’re meant for. And that’s why love and passion is vital to us all.

Every day is a Marvelous, Fabulous life! 

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