Katherine Monet

Introducing this new video series differently, I’ll be publishing the best On Purpose episodes hosted by Jay Shetty. Each episode, I’ll be writing about how I relate to the discussions with these guest celebrities and learning about their vulnerable truths.

Throughout the series, I’ll share my viewpoint on how I see the world, how Jay Shetty can transform our lives in incredible ways, his YouTube videos, and a process to live life to the fullest. I believe this video series is going to be an amazing experience and journey.

You get to read my insights on how I approach my life, and how my personal relations to conversations in my favorite episodes of the podcast. I’m looking forward to getting into this series, because I have a feeling it will show everyone how it can be transformational. And that’s what I hope for.

Share your thoughts in the comments, I would like to see what everyone would take away from this.

Are you ready to start your Transformational Tomorrow!?

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