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A Marvelous Tomorrow Merchandising 

One Great Idea At A Time 

by Katherine Monet on February 22

I spoke about in a previous Read, titled The Write Screen Series Branding Universe, that I wanted to give myself another challenge, and eventually I wanted to start merchandising my stories.  But what if I told you that Marvelous Tomorrow would do the same thing. In the picture above, I created myself on Canva! A Marvelous Tomorrow notebook! Does this mean Marvelous Tomorrow will be launching a Future Soon online store to get Marvelous merchandise? Future Soon it will. If you, reader, have stuck around on this blog for awhile, you know that Future Soon is something I invented to share my future, eventual ideas. That’s exactly what’s happening now. But you should know, I started! Right now on my online store, Art Life Create, I have a Marvelous Original product. 

Although you can’t buy anything yet, I’m currently fixing the payment gateway that was disabled. No worries, it’ll be up and running in no time, and you guys will be the first to get in on a giveaway I’ll be hosting sometime this year. If you want more info on that, check out my Instagram page:

Marvelous products are on their way, and you’ll have the benefits of a Fabulous Tomorrow!



The Screen Portal Imaginative Story Universe 

by Katherine Monet on February 22

As always, everyone knows how I think big and bigger when it comes to awesome, cool blog projects. Like this one, The Screen Portal Imaginative Story Universe! What is the Screen Portal? Imagine this, like a comic book, they have a bunch of sections of illustrations of characters and settings, The Screen Portal is a comic book, but here’s the difference, the whole page of each book pulls you into a Write Screen world of my stories. 

That’s how it’s like a portal, large images bring you inside the story world! 

Combining Write Screen and comic books together creates a brand new idea, and this one is the best so far. I got to say, these projects I set myself to do are absolutely incredible! Let me ask you, have you ever stumbled upon a blog like this one? Probably not, because my ideas stand out. 

I strive for all of these things, because that’s exactly what Marvelous Tomorrow is all about, exceeding creative limits. 

What are your thoughts on this next Future Soon project? 

The Biggest Part of Life 

by Katherine Monet on February 22

Life is great! 

 Life is big and important, valued and not granted. We choose what we do with it. Everyone has the freedom to explore and experiment. Right now, in the educational sector, is all about the general stuff we learn to become knowledgeable in the different areas of topics of the world? 

I think that’s a good thing, but it’s not enough. 

This is the biggest part of life. And knowing me, I’m going to do something about it. As an entrepreneur – in -progress, I do what I do based on the idea of purpose, and I strive to become even greater, because I know that all of these ideas I have will result in a huge impact on people. My personality is that I care so much about other people than myself, because I want to make a true difference now and in the future. 

Recently, I’ve been feeling everything I work on isn’t getting to where I want it to be. Like most people in the world who desire fame, because they want to be known for what they do. I want that too, but for a different reason. I want to make a mark on the world, create a legacy, become legendary, all for one thing, create an impact / inspiration for the people of the world. 

We are all destined to be great and big, and so can you. The more you believe in what you do, it will get you farther than you can imagine. 

Together, let’s take on every day as a Marvelous Tomorrow! 


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