Ellie Grant is an expedition explorer who has crossed from wonder to wonder. On a new expedition, Ellie travels through mysterious jungles on a chain of unknown islands that was never discovered. Her mission is to gather all evidence for the archive she’s working for back in Washington housed many valuables. Ellie goes about her expedition digging out artifacts and recording her experience. When she reaches a main island in the center of the chain, she discovers a hidden building.

Ellie sneaks into this mysterious organization called Miogen who has advanced species, technology, investigating every part of the past, printings of higher capacity, and much more. When she gets caught though, she meets a scientist named Donny Hu. He gives her a tour of the organization and tells her all secrets of the company, because he knows the weapons they’re making will eventually destroy the world. She learns Miogen they create advanced species that are combined with multiple animal DNA to make a whole new species they call The Speciosaurs as weapons against their enemies.

Ellie then teams up with Donny, to stop Miogen from creating a project called The Piercer, a generated super particle accelerator shaped as a volcano will rip the fabric of the universe, and the monstrous weaponized Speciosuars, are all part of a bigger plan that can do more damage than anyone realizes. 

Ellie and Donny are on a search for answers,‌ she meets Dr. Jeremy Garvais who specializes in Physics and a wide variety of subjects as well. Ellie is smitten by the handsome scientist but keeps her feelings in check. 

Dr. Garvais informs Donny that The Piercer is almost ready but needs his final piece. Donny refuses and doesn’t want to do anything with Miogen. Garvais understands Dr. Hu. Donny confesses how he’d been badly treated. Garvais informs Ellie the person behind the company is Jannon Terrior, an awful man with disastrous ideas. Everyone knows him by the codename of Dr. Disaster. Garvais decides to join the two on the mission of sabotaging The Piercer. 

While following Dr. Disaster to a high clearance level 00, the three of them swipe his clearance card and replace it with a master to get into the energy storage which contain an electrical substance generates The Piercer. They steal them and put them all in a Jeep Wrangler outside. Although they get caught by a team of scientists who are behind Dr. Disaster tries to take back the energy sources at the entrance to get into the jungles. Garvais and Donny fight back, are willing to risk the entire top secret company into jeopardy and quit their jobs. Another scientist also steps up behind Disaster, inspired by the other doctors, also quits, and joins the trio on their mission. 

The doctor gets in and they drive off. Dr. Disaster orders his soldiers to go after them. The new unexpected recruit, Dr. Niles Ralcolm suggests they must get to The Archipelagoes, a set of monitored databases in cellars across the island where they can stock up on weapons and most importantly, the collection code to shut down The Piercer before it’s too late. As they travel across the island to collect weapons and the code, they must counter terrifying Speciosaurs. Once they finally have the entire code, the soldiers that were sent after them, kidnap and tie them up into their truck. 

The team were brought back to Miogen where Dr. Disaster aka Terrier confronts them and takes the collection code. He orders his soldiers to be brought to the hyper loop and trap them there. Ellie sets herself free and helps the others. Ellie activates the hyper loop to get back on land. Although, the loop is attacked that diverts to a different location. In the tunnels, a species of deadly fast Speciosaurs smash the train loop. The four of them jump out and the train sparks and explodes. They run for their lives but The Speciosaurs chases them. They find themselves in an underground lake where they’re also attacked. 

The team eventually get out and find themselves back in the jungles. But far away from the company. Back at Miogen, the soldiers find the abandoned jeep where they take back the liquid electricity tubes to the company finishing the construction of The Piercer. Donny, Ellie, Garvais, and Ralcolm travel through the jungles while coming up with a new action plan. 

Garvais starts losing hope and gives up on the whole mission. He takes off into the thick jungles and Ellie tries to convince him to keep going and argue. Then Ellie sees an abandoned Jeep. She calls out to the others to come and they do. Everyone gets in the Jeep, and drives through the jungle. But again, The Speciosaurs chased after them. Then the Jeep was hit, and they all dangled from a cliff. They eventually get back on land and run again for their lives leaving the Jeep. 

Finally, they found a fenced cellar that leads back to Miogen. Suddenly, a light caught their attention ahead. A bright blue beam hit the sky, storm clouds merged and fragments of the universe tearing, and time has changed. 

Dr. Disaster smiled upon his greatest achievement, he sneaked away and went to a secret room, where a working and turning machine with a wheel was. 

The scientists and Ellie then headed towards the coast, and in the distance Ellie saw a patrol boat ahead. They wave at it and are brought aboard. It’s Captain, Captain Juliand Knowles informs the crew and the newcomers there’s a disturbance in the waters. Ellie and the scientists share a terrified look knowing full well what the disturbance was. The patrol boat rocks violently, crashes, and shatters by the monsters in the ocean. The battle heightens to a breakneck, the patrol boat begins to sink. The boat is sunk into the depths and the others rise to the surface. Everyone is surrounded by the monstrous Speciosaurs lurked around them, entrapped. Finally, a spotlight from above shone on them, a sign of hope. They all race up the ladder that was tossed down into the helicopter scarred but in one piece. 

Back at Miogen, in the secret room where the machine with the wheel was, there was a realistic colored hologram repeating the same scene of a beautiful dark, blond woman in a bikini at the beach, there was a young boy about five years old in a red hat and a blue swimsuit, her son having a good time. 

Flashback to the time when The Piercer beam hit the sky, there’s a secret lab where there are holographic computers that investigate time. It shows that all the computers are haywired and flashed red and a message appears, read Operation Time Shatter Successful. 

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