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#1: Manis Greaves is a legendary Poker / Texas Holdom legend. She’s not a typical character who would solve murder mysteries located around Boardway City, where are killers lurking. Whenever a murder happens, she’s first at the crime scene. Ever since her first encounter on a case was when she was thirteen years old, helped her Uncle Kib, Captain of his squad of cops, and her name spread throughout the network of police officers around the world. They call her on every case. When Manis gets the call, she arrives at the murder scene at The Ritz Casino Hall, where a dead woman is strangled, beaten, and tied. Once all the photographs and evidence were collected, the officers gave it to her to work on. In her house, she goes to her study where she works on investigations and gets to work. Ending scene zooms in to a picture of her father. 

#2: The next morning, Manis goes to her study and goes back to her work. As she connects the dots of the mystery and learns the dead woman is Orlin Gardner. She was affiliated with two investigators working on who stole a precious item that was passed down in her family. It was a set of gold pendant garnet lockets. Knowing full well what Manis is getting herself into, this case becomes a treasure hunt. As Manis continues to learn about the pendants comes a deeper mystery connected to a descent of Mayans, because the pendants are a literal clue, and has a Mayan calendar. She searches for Joseph Gardner, Orlin’s grandfather at his house, informs him that Orlin was murdered and to tell her more of the history behind the pendants. Joseph opens a secret compartment in his desk where there is a dark, yellow -ochre, leather, bulky folder that has all the information she needs to know. He tells her to find who killed her and gives her valuable info behind who murdered Orlin, who are hunters. Manis thanks him for his time and returns to her study, and finds out that these are no ordinary hunters / killers, they’re an almighty secret society called, Ayanax. 

#3: Manis and Uncle Kib are having coffee the next day and she tells him about the case she’s working on, he had come to town to visit her. He asks her if she’s any closer to The Fourteen Nights Massacre and answers no. He mentions that night there’s a Poker tournament that she’d be interested in, because there are relic thieves who bargain money for relics in exchange of something more valuable, basically an underground black market for relics, knowledge, and the secret treasures of the world. Manis hugs him, knowing that she’d reach a breakthrough. After their reunion, Manis goes to the Bucktree, a store where she buys notebooks, pens, and some art supplies, and sees a colleague of hers, Red Wilden. The two had a thing for team ups on the tournament tables and worked at a small bureau investigation institution called, Expedition, where they met. Travel the world as Archaeologists in training back in the day. The two reconnect, but as soon as Red tells her he misses her, she leaves. Manis in the past wanted to be an Archaeologist Expeditioner, but changed profession because of a major event in the past she rather not remember. Back on the case, Manis goes to the library where she digs deep in history connected to the secret society of Ayanax, and she discovers an encoded letter inside an encyclopedia. 

#4: That night, Manis goes to the Poker Tournament at The Cortoccio Casino, where The Fourteen Nights Massacre was located. Manis sits down at the table, and the winning auction items were a crown of Queen Elizabeth the second, an Incan bronze sword, a jade ancient warrior helmet, and one of a pendant garnet locket. Manis was on fire during the game but someone who’s just as good as her named Aranza Roosevelt is beating her. The two battle it out, and Manis decides on her greatest technique which involves cheating a little. When she wins, and gets caught cheating, Manis takes the pendant and runs for it. The others chase after her, and a shootout takes place. Manis eventually finds her way out of the casino and goes to her house, where she attends to her wounds during the shootout. In her study, Manis studies the pendant where she finds a clue to the date that it’s set at. Manis researches and learns how to read the calendar on the pendant, which is 261910. She finds the clue in the numbers turns out to be both the date of the corruption of the Mexican Revolution and the birthdate of Ronald Reagan, in which the name Orlin Gardner is an anagram of.

#5: Now with a major lead, Manis knows the next clue lies somewhere with Ronald Reagan. Manis organizes a trip for herself to get to The Ronald Reagan Library. But on the way there, Manis soon realizes she’s being followed by two guys. When she arrives at the library, Manis discovers a quote on a plaque that says “I known in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always triumph. And there is purpose and worth to every life.” Realizing the quote is another clue that will help her find Reagan’s diary, she feels around the shelf and feels a hidden button clicks and a book opens which is a book box where inside it is a Rudyard Kipling poem called If, written with a bunch of numbers spaced between the letters. Opening a hidden compartment in the book box at a location in the library leads Manis to a restricted area and finds the diary in a locked bookshelf. Manis gets to work on the numbers in, an Ottendorf cipher decodes a passage from Rosalynn Carter [Jimmy Carter’s wife] sent this message to Nelson Mel Greaves, [Manis’s great great-great-grandfather]. Right in the moment figuring out that her “grandfather” all those years ago knew President Carter’s wife, the two followers approach Manis and tell her about her family secret, The Secret of the Fourteen Lost Relics. 

#6: Back at her hotel room, Manis learns more about The Secret of the Fourteen Lost Relics and its history. Now the case is bigger than she thought. There was a knock on her door where Holden and Otis return to talk to her. The three of them talk about her case, and who it connects to. Manis only tells them she’s finding the killer who killed Orlin Gardner, who is Holden’s cousin. The name of the game has changed, and Manis must protect the case no matter the costs, she packs and runs out as the others run after when the two of them saw the gold garnet pendant locket. A showdown takes place, and Manis gets in a taxi and brings her to the airport. At the airport, she goes to her zone but the duo go in a hot pursuit after her into the plane, a fight scene. Manis goes to the far back of the plane and waits for the rest of the zone came twenty minutes later, then the plane takes off back to Boardway City. 

#7: Back in Boardway City, Manis connects all the dots to everything she had learnt so far. She goes over her Killers Files to find some sort of connection to Orlin and her family. She comes across a man named Eugene Harvey, who attended The Fourteen Nights Massacre, which will also lead to the Ayanax society. Flashbacks of the massacre. The puzzle clicks, and Manis searches out for information on Harvey throughout town. Manis must face the past at The Cortoccio to gather evidence against Harvey which proves her right when she accesses the blanked out security footage of that night. 

#8: In the footage she revived, Manis zooms in to see a symbol of the Ayanax Society on their wrists, of a Masonic symbol with two flipped pyramids facing across each other like an hourglass shape. She draws the symbol for reference and starts hunting down the hunters tracing back to the Gardner family. Manis goes on another trip to Gardner Inn, where Orlin grew up, stays there while she snoops. While snooping, Manis caught wind of an argument about who takes the pendant lockets and that the relatives of Orlin’s descent of the Mayans are part of an inner circle called The Calendariens that only one is chosen every Century. The fight heightens as the two Gardner relatives rival against each other for the position. Connecting two and two together, Manis realizes everything is falling into place. She goes to the inn library where she reads everything at her disposal about The Calendariens. Manis learns that the inner circle are being hunted by other hunters across the ancient world are after The Calendariens Mayan most prized possession, that the pendant lockets are keys to open a mechanism called Caja de tiempo, Time Box, where inside is a chest of magnetic, puzzle stone, jade boxes of stars activates Chichen Itza. Their secret as Time Travelers! 

#9: Knowing the Mayans secret is helpful to Manis, because since the Mayans are time travelers who protect time, then the Ayanax must be the Time Hunters. Tracing back to Orlin’s murder, is that the picture becomes clearer, on the hunters intentions. Now, Manis must find the Time Hunters. Manis, in her study begins her search but she’s interrupted by the two investigators who followed her rush in, and tell her Ronald Garned, a man who is related to Orlin orchestrated her death. Manis asks why the investigators are here, but these two didn’t take their time to answer. They grab her into a car, where they go to a party. The three get dressed, and the investigators explain to Manis on the way to the party that Garned not only planned Orlin’s death, but one of the puppet masters of The Massacre. Manis realizes what this means, but as soon as the party goes on, disaster is unleashed. A large family comes in, and they’re infamously known as the Granthams. In the hiatus, she finds Garned and chases him, then loses him in the chaos. Blood, fire, glass, chandelier crashing… the whole works. 

Scarred, and in one piece, the investigators and Manis survived. 

#10: Back at Manis’s place, the investigators asked if they could help her, even though they got off on a rocky start. She tells them no and goes off to continue her search. Learning that the Time Hunters meeting location is at a burnt abandoned bookstore, Manis finds her way there on trails of clues! Manis goes through a whole contraption of mechanisms to get down to the Societies base. There, lo-and-behold, one man Manis recognizes is Ronald Garned. Manis gets a closer look and takes pictures of what the society is working on. While going through the pictures on her phone, Manis accidentally pushed a box behind her and all eyes were on her, Manis bolts out of there takes a pile of papers and things from the table, and run out. A showdown takes place, then Manis gets stuck entangled by the ropes of the dumbwaiter, to her surprise, she sees Red, and the two investigators come to the rescue. Although, in pursuit, Red, Otis, and Holden are shot. Manis was about to help them, but told her to leave, and rushed home. In her study, Manis goes through the papers she stole, and the Hunters plan on stealing Caja de tiempo – Time Box! 

#11: Knowing that the Hunters are on their way to Chichen Itza, Manis gears up and packs for another trip to Mexico. Holden and Otis arrive at the house in Manis’s study to check in on her, and when they hear of the progress of the case, they join Manis in on the adventure. Otis calls his friend who has a private plane to get them to Mexico before the Society, if they have the chance. On the plane, the trio plan their course of action when they get to the infamous structure. Once prepared, they get inside the monument to find it completely empty! They go outside to see the Hunters had successfully removed the chest. The trio run after them where they have an epic showdown. Using all of their resources to track the society, the trio chase them to New Zealand where they set up the Time Box to open a portal inside of a grotto. Planning a new plan, the trio decide to take the boxes as soon as it rises and split up across the world to hide it. When the glowing boxes of stars light up, before it could form a portal, Holden and Otis create a diversion, which escalates in an underwater fight. Manis, Otis, and Holden work together to take them down and take the boxes, then split up. Along the way to the hidden destinations, the Society chases them to get back the boxes, they catch up to them, but what will be the fate of the boxes? 

#12: Each ending scene of Manis, Otis, and Holden put the boxes to their birthplace. Back at Boardway City, the Time Hunters were brought back by the authorities and are being transferred to high security prisons across the world. Now, this mystery has come to an end, Manis goes to her home study to bring the whole mystery together into a Case Entry she shares with the police. Later that night, Manis and Uncle Kib celebrate at the bar together, but this night is more special than the other cases she’d worked on, Manis tells Uncle Kib she has a lead to The Fourteen Nights Massacre. The next morning, Manis goes to see Joseph Gardner sees he’s been hung, everything destroyed, and marks of four swords pointing at each other and a broken skull like an X on his body. Ending scene: Red is fine after he got the bullet out from the hospital, as he’s walking the sidewalk at night, we only see Red’s frightened reaction to a thick silvery black smoke that appeared.

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