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Books Are Magic 

Nothing Is Compared To Magic 

by Katherine Monet  on February 8

Reading books is like stepping into magical worlds created by the author. Do you ever feel so captivated by the story that it’s like you’re inside the story along with characters? That’s a good question. Books are an experience for us readers, you want it to be like a movie in your head, that’s where the magic happens. 

It’s up to the writer to write descriptions and scenes as real as it can be. So, how can we step inside a book, what’s the secret to powerful imagery? 

I practiced this. I use my Cinematic Scene Card. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s a document I created for myself and see if it can generate powerful imagery. The Cinematic Scene Card is basically a list of these things: Scene, Visual and Surround Sound Sequence, Shot Type[s], Shot Movement [s], Description: Footage. 

Now here’s an example of that: 

In the thick jungle of overgrown grass,and tall trees, the dampness in the air hung low, four hunters who wore hats, t-shirts, and shorts walked slowly holding their rifles close to their thighs. As they walked, crunching twigs under their feet, shadows lurked through the trees from left to right, fleetly. A distant boom grew louder each step, the ground beneath the hunters rumbled and shook. The four men raised their rifles as the boom sound became louder and louder towards them.

 A towering black shadow emerged in front of them. A black T – Rex stared sharply with its yellow snake-like eyes. The T – Rex approached the four men, opened its dripping wet mouth, gobbled one of them at a time, crunched the bodies as the T – Rex chewed and swallowed them. The T- Rex growled and let out a screeching roar in satisfaction, stomped booming and walked away from the scene. 

What did you think? Is this scene powerful enough in your mind like a movie would? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Is this the secret magic in books?!



We Can Be The Best We Can Be 

by Katherine Monet  on February 8

Being the best at everything is hard. We can only be the best we can be on our own standards. How can we be the best at what we do, your job? Whatever your work is, are you the best at it in every way possible? Maybe you can, but that’s not always the case though. Being the best all the time sounds exhausting. 

What if I told you that you can be the best at what you do, and capable of doing it all for one thing, The Magic Transformation Glow Up! 

I have a podcast on Spotify called Katherine’s Fabulous Talk and Glows. It’s self – help, and it’s about living our unique paths, learning how to take your life to the next level, Glowing Up. 

Glowing Up means anything, and everything you want it to be. The Magic Transformation Glow Up is your formula on how you can do it all, no worries, and no stress. 

Is this something you would want? 

I bet you definitely do. 

So, watch out for your free Transformation. 

Let’s become the best we can be together!

Tributing Characters In Peace 

by Katherine Monet on February 8

Characters we all know and love from our favorite movies and shows who have passed on are hard to watch, because we love them so much. It made a great impact on us. Such as Fitz, on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Finn Hudson, Glee, and many more. It’s absolutely crazy how many characters have died on the shows and movies. I’m surprised Ethan Hunt is still alive at this point in the Mission: Impossible franchise. 

Speaking about these memorable characters, a new page on the blog, Tributing Characters In Peace, is a magazine – like digital product, writing about the bios of these characters, in which show or movie, and what they honor in lessons of life. In this tribute, all of you will get the free magazine, to read about how we can learn from characters’ mistakes throughout their lifespan. That way, those characters continue on their legacy through this new project. What are your thoughts? 

A Good Today, A Better Tomorrow 

by Katherine Monet on February 8 

Create your future. A better tomorrow starts with you. 

Why is the future important? 

The future makes us better people. How? Time, and years that pass us by. We grow from our past mistakes; we become the person we are today through experiences of the past, and that’s why the future is important. We grow as people we want to be. 

I know society has their own standards; you don’t need to be a celebrity to be heard; you don’t need to be a leader of a company to feel important; you don’t need an award to tell you’ve done a great job. We’re all the judges of that. 

The future is important because it matters to us personally with our own goals. Do you want to create a better, marvelous tomorrow? I know full well that creating all these projects for the blog seems like a full-time job, because it is. Adding to the list of current blog projects, is Create Your Marvelous Future binder. In the image above. Gave me the idea to do this. What if I told you, this binder is going to be your bread and butter of your life? 

From your goals, to weekly planning, tracking your finances, and so much more, will change your life for the better. This will create your Marvelous Tomorrow! 


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