Katherine Monet

In a previous post about canceled shows,I came up with the idea to create The Sequel Spinoff, which are our favorite TV shows’ continued stories. I’m debating if I should create print bound books or eBooks for this project, and I’m unsure whether it is better. I could make print bound books, but I imagine I’ll need to have permission to do so, on the other hand, if I plan on going on the eBook route it may be better.

What do you want? Either or is possible.

  1. Print books
  2. ebooks
  3. Slides

Which one of these on this list I should do. Write in the comments your answers.

Vote on the poll which one I should do before I get started on The Sequel Spinoff Series. Before then, I want to see your answers.

Let’s Have A Spinoff of Tomorrow! Looks like I have a new catchphrase, catch you soon! 

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