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Are The Mystery Packages What You Think, Or Maybe More To The Story?

A Mysterious Story In A Package 

by Katherine Monet on December 14 

Christmas is right round the corner. Literally! A while ago, when I invented the Time Vault page, I created this idea called Mystery Packages. These packages are designed to have mystery games based on board games. But what if I mislead you to believe that?! What if the Mystery Packages are much bigger than anyone could realize! Is there going to be a surprise Christmas package on the exact date on the Marvelous Tomorrow Anniversary? 

Those are a lot of questions. I’ll answer some of them, so I won’t give away any of the real good stuff. As much as I would like to reveal everything straight out, I should give you a reason to come back for more. Isn’t that clever of me? Of course it is! 

Yes, the Mystery Packages are bigger than you think they are. After all, a mystery is a mystery, and that means one thing, a trail of clues! Wink, wink. Vault wheels are turning in my head, coming up with something cool for the mysteries. 

Back to the anniversary, which will be extra special because of Christmas, I’m planning on something big to create for the anniversary day. So watch out for a mini package present too. 

Have a happy holiday everyone! 



The Glass Box Page 

by Katherine Monet on December 14 

This is something I hadn’t put on the blog menu yet. Which I meant to publish a while ago. Let me explain what The Glass Box Page is about, I’ll put in more detail on the page itself. The Glass Box, similar to the idea of Glass Onion: Knives Out 2, whence the picture above. Beginning of the film, we meet the characters who receive a wooden puzzle box with an invitation inside. 

The Glass Box is the center of The Time Vault, which is a throwback prompt generator of spontaneous stories. 

Opening The Time Vault itself, its core is The Glass Box. Think of it this way, the stories of the Mystery Packages, and the Time Vault Stories are going to be mashed up together to create a new mystery. The Glass Box is your set of clues to The Glasstery [mashed up new mystery of the Time Vault story and Mystery Package story], but here’s a twist, The Box is a puzzle box too. It’s going to be a whole new bundle, and it’s completely free! 

Do you like these kinds of interactive ideas? I want to hear what you think. 

If so, I can create so many ideas like these to fill up a whole Comic Con! Maybe someday. When I have enough overflowing interactive, cool, ideas, games, all that could be a Marvelous Tomorrow Con! Wouldn’t that be fun?! You never know, it might happen. 

Patron Or Creatron, A BetterSource Teacher In the Works 

by Katherine Monet on December 14 

Similar to Patreon, Creatron is something entirely new and different, it’s a Future Soon project. What is Creatron? It’s a subscription based learning platform specifically for Creators. It’s centered on the idea of show, don’t tell. Creators who would prepare their live training would identify what it is they’re teaching, sharing the show, don’t tell method. For example, look at MasterClass. They have all these professionals who teach you what they do and have a digital workbook, sharing their processes. But not how, the actionable steps in whatever it is they’re teaching you. It’s informative, but not enough. 

This is how Creatron is different, it gives you guide books to follow along on the journey you want to endeavor. Whether it’s becoming a writer, a YouTuber, music composer, whatever it may be, you’ll have all the tools to start your dream career. 

Another Future Soon project in the making, is BetterSource. It’s a course platform fixated on the idea of purpose. Such as, how to discover what your purpose is, tips on motivation, leveraging habits, deep dives in self – improvement books, learning how to self – develop, and on how to change your life around by creating a Transformation Plan. I can go on and on, the list is long. This is only scratching the surface of everything I shared with you. There’s so much more, all for affordable prices. MasterClass users out there, you don’t need to pay $240 a year! 

BetterSource is better, how? You can pay as low as $40 a year! This is an estimated price, and it’s not launched yet, because it’s Future Soon. 

I gotta say, it’s fun to share eventual business ideas with you guys, it’s the only way I get to share anything with anybody. If I’m listing to anyone I know about these projects, that person or more would probably look at me as if I’m insane. I may be all over the place with ideas, which is a good thing; honestly, being busy for one, and two, it’s how I thrive online to create tons of content. Being filled with ideas to the brim feels great, I look forward to my days knowing that there’s an abundance of content to create. 

Thank you for putting up with me for the past four years of my constant ideas! 

Wishing you all the best and sending my love. 

Together, We Live To Create A Marvelous Tomorrow!

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