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#1: Ariel’s New Camera: One morning, Ariel Ellerson, an aspiring photographer lost her Dad, but never learned how he died. She cleaned out his closet, a month after the funeral, and went through his things. In a box, she finds her father’s camera. She then uses the camera, and Ariel soon realizes that her father’s camera isn’t a regular one. She realizes that her father’s sudden death might have happened secretly. Ariel returns to the box where she found the camera and finds some files at the bottom of the box, labeled Investigative Photographers Association. In the files, Ariel discovers a journal, where her father had written in and the location where these investigative photographers are. Ariel goes to the local Luthor Danvers Library, where she accesses a secret staircase to the secret organization within the library. When she gets caught, they bring Ariel to The Bridge Room, where she meets the head of the operations named, Kent Everest. Ariel explains how she found the place and the why she’s there, finding out how her father died. Kent realized he’s meeting Deon Ellerson’s daughter. Kent recruits Ariel to join the Association, and she agrees, this gives her the opportunity to feel closer to her dad. But her life is going to change once she joins the organization, and nothing seems what she really thinks, as a mystery brews from the past, the present will become an interesting future. End Scene: Close up on a tree of life pendant. 

#2: Ariel’s New Misadventure: The next morning, Ariel returns to The Association and brings along her father’s camera. She returned to The Bridge Room and saw no one was there. Ariel looked around and found a photo of her father in a cabinet and his team. She notices the necklace he wore in the picture and finds it on the floor under the cabinet, puts it on. That moment, Kent comes into The Bridge Room and sees her there. He asks where she found the necklace and tells him it was under the cabinet. Kent informs Ariel she must prepare for the exam to come, because in order to join The Association requires a lot of studying to become an Investigative Photographer. As she gathers the list of books, catalogues, and encyclopedias, Ariel instead tours The Association and lands herself in a room where there’s only a statue of a couple dancing, somehow activates a flash from within the space between the couple and opens a portal. Ariel goes inside, to discover a mystical, Japanese land. There she meets Sensa Kimoto, a Samurai Knight protecting a beautiful sanctuary called Inochi No Ki. [Tree of Life] Sensa Kimoto is happy to see Ariel, and tells her he knew her father, and that there’s a temple at the center of the sanctuary named after him. He also asks for her help, and informs her that the Japanese sanctuary is slowly dying and in need of The Eternal Amber Flame, a magical stone that can give life and renewal. She accepts the challenge to enter dangerous territory in order to achieve it, before she does, Sensa trains her the basics of how to fight. Once Ariel is ready, she goes off and battles against the great unknown. She eventually retrieves The Amber Flame and sets it down in a gold flower and spreads its light throughout the restored sanctuary. He gives her a blessing, and an item that belonged to her father, a piece of wood, carved symbols of a prophecy. Ariel takes it and returns to The Association. An Investigator tells Ariel to go to The Bridge Room, where Kent is waiting for her. She goes, and Kent hashes out on her, and says it’s unacceptable what she did. Ariel didn’t argue, and knew full well why he’s mad at her. Ariel leaves and goes home. She stares at the piece of wood and tries to decipher it, but something told her that these symbols are somewhere in a book at The Association. End scene, the carvings on the wood glow. 

#3: Ariel’s New Secret Universe: The next morning, Ariel goes out to get coffee, where she sees a friend of hers, Kesia. The two of them sit down and talk, catch up, and Kesia asks how Ariel is doing. Ariel tells Kesia that she’s managing, despite how difficult it is not to have a family in her life. She leaves in mid conversation when Kesia mentions Ariel’s mother and goes to The Association. There, Ariel sits down at the table where she put down the books that she was supposed to study. She begins her studying, but a shining book distracted Ariel from the shelves that had dropped itself on the floor, prompting Ariel to look. Ariel picked up the huge, bulky, book, had a lock on it. Ariel unlocks the book, and as soon as she decides there shouldn’t be any more trouble, the book says otherwise as it sucks her into it. Ariel finds herself in a brand new situation knowing full well that Kent won’t like this at all. In a magnificent, universe – like archive, Ariel meets The Council of Realmlocks, protectors and studiers of the universal archive. One of them, named Jani, tells her that Ariel’s father used to be one of them; she informs Ariel about an ancient, dangerous prophecy of the past from Inochi No Ki. Realizing what the prophecy means, Ariel’s mind jumbles with many questions and how it could relate to his death. Jani brings Ariel to The Secret Chamber where there’s a gate to a magic forest that gives answers to the mystery of how her father died. In the forest, Jani leaves her there to learn more about her father’s past, but nothing about how he died. She reads a letter Ariel finds inside a book from the tree book shelves. She sneaks out some things from the forest and returns to The Association and puts them in her bag. In that moment, a commotion is going on, and The Association is being attacked by mysterious medallion bearers who had stolen particular items, then disappeared!

#4: Ariel’s New Magical Gift: The Investigators and Ariel are in The Bridge Room. Kent debriefs them that the medallion bearers have stolen eight extremely valuable magical items. The Curse Rose, The Lasso of Dreams, Enchanters Crystal Ball, The Sword of Galiber, a Chinese puzzle box, The Emerald Stone of Karutaj, albino magic, and The Journal of Realities. Kent sends the investigators on a mission to retrieve the stolen items and find out what the bearers plan. Ariel volunteers to join the mission but Kent tells her she must stay at The Association and let The Investigators do their job. Ariel returns to her studies but has trouble focusing. As much as she knew she couldn’t help herself from disobeying Kent’s orders and took off into The Scopeside, tracking down the team of Investigators to help. It was a good thing she did, as soon she found them, the team was in trouble. Now, it’s up to Ariel to save the team, retrieve the stolen items, and discovers a hidden power in that she never knew she had. 

#5: Ariel’s New Reunion: After the mission, back at The Bridge Room Kent is losing it on Ariel once again. He threatens if she doesn’t get her act together, she’ll no longer be coming to The Association. When everyone leaves the room, Kent tells Ariel he wants to speak with her. He asks her what is going on, and why she’s disobeying his orders. Ariel says she wants to be more active in her role of being an Investigator. The two find a compromise. Ariel returns once again to her study corner and does the work that’s required for her learning. As she searched through The Association for a particular book, she saw a lion statue inside a glass enclosure lying on a red cushion. As she approached a closer look at the lion, its eye beamed at her, and Ariel teleported to a forest. This time, Ariel soon finds out the truth about why and how her father died, when she finds a fortress. There, Ariel explores the fortress and meets a team called, The Philosophers, and her uncle, Uncle Mamet. Ariel and The Philosophers go on a mission together to retrieve The Crimson Triangle to bring it back to The Association. Once Ariel and the Philosophers found it, Ariel was sent back to The Association. She goes to The Bridge Room where Kent is and gives him The Crimson Triangle. Ariel tells him where she got it from, apologizes for her disappearances and a short shameful speech, then walks away. That night, as soon as Ariel has done a chunk of studying goes home, where she sees her mother waiting for her on the couch. 

#6: Ariel’s New Scope: Ariel and her mother the next morning have an awkward breakfast together. Kineret apologizes for leaving and willing to reconnect, but Ariel doesn’t want to. She receives a text from Kent to come to The Association, an emergency has occurred. Ariel tells her mom she has to go, takes her purse, and out the door. When Ariel arrives, goes to The Bridge Room, Kent explains the situation. The Philosophers were kidnapped. Ariel mentions to them that one of them is her Uncle. The Investigators work together to figure out who kidnapped them, but Kent tells Ariel to study a collection of books called, The Darkscope, instead of joining The Investigators. Ariel is upset because she thought she was going to join The Investigators, and that Kent used this opportunity as a study session for her. Ariel learns from The Darkscope books that an ancient society called The Olis are a group of entities of supernatural powers has said to believe to be hunting down The Philosophers for centuries. Despite Kent’s orders, Ariel goes on her own investigative adventure who goes through more breakthroughs than the other Investigators. Now it’s a race to figure out the truth, and rescuing The Philosophers as a twist of events unfold. When The Philosopher’s return to their hideout, they thank Ariel. She returns to The Association where the Investigators and Kent learned what Ariel has done, ahead of them all. Kent is impressed for the first time, and asks how she did it. Ariel says that she knew what to do and followed her intuition. Kent then finally approves Ariel as an Investigator – in – training, and must continue her studies. Although the others aren’t happy, and aren’t fond of Ariel because she’s ahead of them. Ariel goes home, where she finds her mother cooking dinner. Ariel argues with her Mom and doesn’t want her around. Ending scene, flashback scene when Kineret left. 

#7: Ariel’s New Investigation: The next morning, Ariel wakes up early, makes breakfast on the go, and returns to The Association. She goes up to Kent, asks him if she becomes a full on Investigator, will she get paid? Kent understood why she would ask, because she’s living on her own, and answered yes. Happy and content, Ariel has found something she enjoys doing for work and is also her secret life. Wondering what new adventure awaits for her, she realizes one sword in a glass encasement part of a set was missing. Ariel searches out for what the missing sword is and its powers. When she finds an exact illustration of the set of swords in a wheel, identifies the missing sword called, The Kalimber, has the powers of earth, mind, destruction, chaos, and cure. Ariel discovers a hidden room behind the bookshelves and decides this is where her investigations will be. Once she finished cleaning up the room and assembling the holotable, and everything else, Ariel begins her investigation of the missing sword and obviously goes on an adventure finding it along with her Uncle Mamet. Once work finished for the day and the sword was put back to its rightful place, Uncle Mamet goes with Ariel to her apartment where her mother is. Kineret and Uncle Mamet reunited.

#8: Ariel’s New Collection: Finally the day has come, Kineret and Ariel have a bittersweet heart to heart where they bring out the worst and best of each other. Once all that was done with, Ariel goes to work at The Association. When she gets there, Ariel goes to her Investigator’s Bridge. Kent finds her there and walks in, and sees what she’s done with the place, while she was debriefing herself of updates. The two of them walk out together as Ariel catalogues books to help her navigate, as they talk and learn more about each other, Kent has feelings for Ariel, and when the conversation almost revealing his true feelings, he walks away. Ariel discovers a bundle of book sets and begins a new investigation that leads her The Scopeside realm where she discovers The Eleven Treekeys of Malantis, opens a door to new possibilities and discoveries. Realizing that she’s losing track of what really had happened to her father, decides her journey towards the truth a little while longer. When she gets home, she writes a diary log of her recent adventures. Ending scene, Uncle Mamet vanishes!

#9: Ariel’s New Mystery: Now that all is right in the world, Kineret picks up and leaves again, seeing that Ariel is better off without her. Knowing her mother, Ariel wasn’t surprised she had left again. Ariel gets to work and Kent informs her that Uncle Mamet had mysteriously vanished. Ariel thanks Kent for telling her, and he stares at her for a little too long, smiling. She walks away, confused and weirded out. Ariel goes to The Investigator’s Bridge and prepares hunting gear. As she was suiting up to get to The Philosopher’s base, the other Investigators check out Ariel’s Bridge. They tell Ariel that she’ll never get to their level and make sure she stays in the background. They all argue and Ariel storms off. She goes to the lion and beamed to the fortress. When she gets there, the other Philosophers are disoriented. On this new adventure to find Uncle Mamet that is also somehow connected to The Eleven Treekeys of Malantis. Once Uncle Mamet returns, Ariel notices his onyx amulet, of crimson symbols and a bronze snake coiled like a crown. A new mystery awaits for Ariel when she gets back to The Association. After a long day, she goes home, looks through old albums, and comes across a picture of her father and some friends, one of them wearing the exact amulet Uncle Mamet has! 

#10: Ariel’s New Secret: Ariel brings her album with her to The Association. She tells Kent to meet at her Investigator’s Bridge. When she gets there and Kent arrives, she briefs him on everything she learned from her previous adventure and ends with a mysterious man who wears an exact medallion replica that Uncle Mamet also has. The two of them work together to uncover something huge, which lies in an ancient secret organization called Serpenscrow. Ariel and Kent go on a wild adventure that changes the course of everything they know, and believe, and a destructive future. Ending scene, The Council of Realmlocks at the Universe Archive are in a galactic, map chamber where they talk about The Legend of the Lost Daughter of Inochi No Ki, and one of the Realmlocks tells Jani that she has to tell Ariel the truth about who and what she is, and the fact she’s her real mother!

End of Season 1

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