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I Write To Create Ourselves 

Let’s Create A Manifested Reality 

by Katherine Monet on December 7

We can plan, make it happen, and become someone you want to be, or a better place in your current lifestyle. Writing is the key to the next step, whether it’s planning your meal prep to be healthier, workout plan, quitting your current job, or whatever it may be. 

I know I talk a lot about this huge topic on lifestyle, our wants, dreams, all of that, which is part of life. There are so many ways to express how to improve ourselves. But how can you take that one step further to create the life you want for yourself? It’s important to talk about these things, because it’s a common universal concept which involves everyone. 

Manifesting our reality is easier than you think! Yes, this is a bold statement, but true. I’m living proof of it. 

How do you manifest and create the life you want to get up every day for? 

The Action Plan. 

The Action Planning method I created for myself helped me to be where I am today. It’s simple. What Can You Do Now to Start [fill in the blank]. 

Write the list, create a new action plan in each category and the tasks to get that done, and you’re golden. If you want to learn how I plan, I’ll be hosting a Patreon training for that on how to achieve your goals and dream life now!



Marvelous Tomorrow Anniversary Is Coming

by Katherine Monet on December 7

It’s officially December, and you know what that means. It’s the fourth year anniversary of Marvelous Tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s been four years writing on this blog. Whoever comes and reads it regularly, I want to say thank you for sticking around. 

Before starting this blog, I had another one; it was so amateur, and I just went for it. Although, when I started blogging, I wished I had taken the time of doing research and doing everything right, only recently I did all that research on how to have a “successful” site. I won’t say I am, but I have the experience and knowledge of how things worked. Too bad I can’t turn the clock to tell my past self to do the research, unfortunately we don’t live in a movie – like world that can do that. 

Moving on and living in the present moment, the official announcement of the anniversary will be on December 28. That’s when I’ll publish something special to celebrate. What’s cool about this date is that it falls in the week of Christmas! So, it’s going to be extremely special and fuse the anniversary Christmas celebration! 

Thank you readers, and visitors. Please write in your comments on the blog, I want to hear from you, the audience. What is something you want to see more of on the blog? If you have any suggestions, ‌write in the comments or email me on my contact page. I do my best to create the best content to create for you, and if there’s something else, you would like to read or anything, I look forward to hearing from you. Sending all my love, and have a Marvelous Tomorrow! 

Contact Me At: 

The Write Screen Series Branding Universe 

by Katherine Monet on December 7

The Write Screen series, based on my universe of story series, is a whole brand. But that’s not the only branding. In the past, I’ve challenged myself by a certain number of posts to reveal a secret project in the making. This time though, this new project will not be a secret. In this new challenge, I will accept, is to write 600 of Write Screen posts before starting merchandising off of the stories I created!

Wouldn’t that be awesome! 

This is one of the best projects I’ve ever come up with. Other than this new project I’m excited to work on, I wanted to ask you if my readers are interested in Write Screen Exclusive content!

What would be something you would enjoy that would be involved in The Write Screen Series Universe? 

As a writer, I want to communicate with my readers, and understand the audience on what they would like to read in my future books someday. I’m willing to hear everyone’s thoughts on my writing projects, even if that means there might be strong feedback. I want to make sure that my stories would be an enjoyable experience to everyone. 


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