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In this post, I’ll reveal how books can innovate and change the world.

I write to create stories. Stories have a message for readers that teach us about life. Authors in today’s world, like Anthony Doerr, Colleen Hoover, Sarah J. Maas, Hannah Grace, Chris Colfer, Stephen King, David Baldacci and many others write, and yet books today continue to capture our attention. But how does writing books innovate, create a change?

Books are a great way to spread a message to many people, but how do people learn from the books to apply the message to our lives? The message is universal, and it applies to everyone. It’s targeted a universal message to a specific societal group which are unified groups. What you read can be memorable, what everyone reads together becomes changeable, what the entire world reads is transformational. A memory is what we remember, a change is a development, and a transformation is a revolution. It’s connected these three to the main message of innovation. We live in a unified world, and a unified world is universal.

This is how one writer can innovate, imagine what it would be like when a whole group of writers work together. That could be more than innovation, possibly historical. The famous figures back in the day created a revolution, a turnaround in the economy we live in today. And because of that we live in a better version of the world. But sometimes it depends specifically on what that is. We live in better times, but better times doesn’t mean everything is fixed and perfect.

That’s why I write, so I can innovate! 

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