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Re-Inventing Ourselves

In Constant Reproduction Everyday 

by Katherine Monet on November 30

We all have these phases in our lives when we decide to do something. An example of that, is when you look back at the past of ideas your past self had a lot of, one thing after another. That’s one of many phases in our lives we all look back on, and think: “I wonder what my life would be if I chose [a different career path]?!” 

Every day, there’s something new to learn, and as we learn and grow, evolve, and re -invent to someone you want to be. There’s so many resources online to help you do anything. And, come to think of it, why do you need school when there’s a ton of courses online and jumpstart your career in your teens? Yes, we all need education in math, English, history, science, and so on, but all of that is online! 

Constant re -invention is necessary and normal, because that’s how you’ll find something to do in your life. But where do you start? How would you know what you want? There’s so many questions we all have unanswered. 

It took me a very long time to figure out what I wanted, which felt like a lifetime ago. I kept on working at it, searched wherever I could, and kept on learning. As time passed, I eventually found it. How? It’s easier than you think. Your answers lie beyond your comfort zone. Step out of your box and try something new. That’s what I did. 

I only read fiction books, but when I started reading nonfiction self – help books, it opened a new avenue to something I’m passionate, enjoy, and in love with. Come to think of it, whatever it is you want to achieve is a relationship. Think of it as dating and finding your “soulmate” so to speak. 

Whatever your case is, either at the start of your life or in need of a new career change, Life Artist is here for you. Life Artist is a course I’ve been working on for sometime now to help you identify what it is you want to do, and evaluate yourself for what your “soulmate” might be. 



The Love Yourself Re-Sources

by Katherine Monet on November 30

In an older post I wrote on self – love, gave me the idea to create resources for your own self – love journey. Now that I’ve started the process to develop the blog on more professional standards, which is the plan, to do so requires a ton of quality, long – form content which I’m currently working on. 

Not only that, the downloadable resources I’m currently creating for the blog and for The Love Yourself Project, are completely free. Some examples of this I’d be creating would be: checklists, a google doc book, journals, and so much more that’s going to be in store. 

I’m looking forward to sharing these cool products to help you on your self love journey. 

Loving ourselves is important, we can’t rely on a desperate intimate relationship that won’t  fulfill your desire. Once you establish your love yourself project, you’ll become satisfied with what you have, feel consent with your life, and accept yourself as a flawed being, because we all are. 

And with that said, let’s have a fabulous, amazing, wonderful, Marvelous Tomorrow!

Community App On the Rise 

by Katherine Monet on November 30 

On the rise, the All Entertainment app is in the making. How exciting is that! Right now, the app is in early development; the launch is far ahead but future soon. But the community app isn’t the only app! Hint, hint, it’s part of a secret project. 

The All Entertainment Community is a forum / social communication app to establish relationships between people, by discussing all things under the sun of all forms of entertainment. There’s going to be clubs to join, and free digital packages of printables, maybe the Marvelous Monthly Magazine, and many other products, including access to my online store, Art, Life, and Create. 

It’s going to be so cool, exciting, and fun. 

When the launch date is near, I’ll create a sign up to join ahead of time. 

And together, we’ll create a great Marvelous Today and Tomorrow! 




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