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The Roaring Twenties Now 

We Are In The Twenty-First Century 

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by Katherine Monet on November 9

We are roaring through the twenty-first century where anything can be possible. Possibilities come with opportunities. And, sometimes it comes to us, most of the time we look for them. In this era of time, the internet is a gold mine of information, but also the main distraction. There are pros and cons to everything. Despite the constant distractions, we need to learn to be present too with ourselves and our surroundings. The best lifestyle to live is between distractions and the present moment, being a minimalist. 

Back in the early days of the 1920s, women were classy, glamourous, and lived a life that was upbeat. Hot in those times were parties everywhere. Us as women these days are more or less the same. But what does this have to do with the present time and living in the moment, because it does, it’s about living life to the fullest.

Today, women should come together and create our Roaring Now, the twenty-first century version of the roaring nineteen – twenties. 



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Trainings, Games, Events In – the – Making

by Katherine Monet on November 9

I launched my Patreon Page! I hadn’t started putting out any trainings now that’s in early development. I’m focusing on growing my presence online with my YouTube Channel. This is something extra I want to do. Exclusive original content. What you can expect in the future once I start, obviously trainings, games, and events. 

An example would be like hosting a live escape room or mystery solving games, conferences, launches, panels, Q&As, and so much more. I got inspired in doing this because of one of my favorite content creators / YouTuber, Abbie Emmons. Her main niche is teaching writers to create stories that matter. As soon as I joined her Patreon and became a member, I attended her trainings. The more I thought about doing what she was doing, I could bring so many people together, and that’s what I want to do too. Create a large audience and unite everyone in this community of learners who want to make something out of their lives. 

Want to make yourself into someone you want to be and achieve your impossible?! 

This is definitely for you!

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Future Soon Streaming Channel Streaming Guide 

by Katherine Monet on November 9

In this guide, I’ll be breaking down the Future Soon [eventual] project of The Fanfiction Spinoff Series. Even though it is based on the concept of unfinished shows, there’ll be Marvelous Spin-offs, regular fanfiction ideas based on our favorite movies and shows: 

Spin-offs For Season One Ended Shows:

The Midnight Society – The Midnight Club 

National Treasure: The Secrets of History – National Treasure: Edge of History 

Raising Heroes – Raising Dion 

MultiVision – WandaVision 

Marvelous Spin-offs Regular Series 

Little Supergirl – Supergirl 

CCM: Reporters of Central City – The Flash 

The Legends of Destiny – DC Legends of Tomorrow 

The Custodians – The Librarians 

Little Liars of Rosewood – Pretty Little Liars 

This is what I have in store for the time being. I’ll let you know when these projects will be launched. 

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The University Of Life

by Katherine Monet on November 9

Learning will always be a part of life. There’s always something new to learn. If you think about it, life itself is like University, except the fact it isn’t in doors. There are many aspects to life: self awareness, habits, discovery, mistakes, which are opportunities to turn them around, and the list goes on and on.

Every day, we try our best even though there are these high standards in our society. It’s hard to keep up with everything and everyone, but sometimes we need to slow down and build our brands, our names. We all want to be somebody. 

Opportunities come our way, unnoticed or taken. So many of us treat life for granted, when we should be grateful. The source of happiness comes from gratefulness, and contentment. 

Let’s Live A Happy 12! [There are twelve months in a year, and every year we’re happy to be a part of something, a primary plan for the world]!


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