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Image Copyright: New Scientist

Marvelous Tomorrow Presenting: Fanfiction Entertainment

Unlike film production companies, Fanfiction Entertainment offers a more unique way of storytelling. It may not be as good as a movie though. But it has something different. Imagine a video background, text, images and elements appear like a presentation of a story. Even more so, it would have sound effects and music that makes it into a pleasurable, immersive experience. I would call these Screen Motions, because it will be in a video screen and motion activated as the presentation / story appears. How cool would that be!

Stay tuned and updated on this project. It’s going to be fun and exciting. I’ll create a slide–in order to apply for the exclusive viewing experience.

Let’s Have A Marvelous Amazing Tomorrow!

Feature Image Copyright: MIT Sloan Management Review: https://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/the-impact-of-generative-ai-on-hollywood-and-entertainment/

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