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Getting Started In the Studio For My Podcast

Inside The Scenes Of Audio 

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by Katherine Monet on November 2

I recently recorded the intro for my Spotify podcast, called Katherine’s Fabulous Talk and Glows. Right now, it’s in the works, and soon enough I’ll be publishing them. In the meantime, I have other content to create for the website, YouTube, Patreon, exclusive content, and so much more. Starting out my podcasting career is new to me, and I got to say it’s a daunting task to do, but it will all be worth it. 

Everything is in early development, including my career. Even though I’ve written on the website for about three to four years, I feel like I’m somewhat experienced. In all honesty, no matter how experienced we are, there’s always room to learn. 

A good example of that, I had to learn how to export audio as an mp3, and that’s one thing I had to learn at the studio. Thanks to my partner who  has a knack for technology. I’m extremely grateful for him, his help, and support. 



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Becoming Members of Tomorrow 

by Katherine Monet on November 2

Speaking of early development, memberships will be applied to Marvelous Tomorrow. These memberships will access exclusive content according to your membership level. Either it’s limited reading, applying to courses, the vaults, and so much more coming your way, Future Soon style. 

Once you become a member of Marvelous Tomorrow, you took one step further in transforming your life to a greater one. Everyone has their purpose[s], it’s a journey to know what that is, and how it can become your dream life you’ve always wanted.  Being a Member of Marvelous Tomorrow is creating your tomorrow, it’s a stepping stone towards your dream. Subscribe, join the journey with me, and create a greater future together. 

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Discontinued Series Project

by Katherine Monet on November 2

In a new project, called, The Sequel Spinoff Fiction Series is an exciting new thing to do. There are too many shows being canceled after one season ending on cliffhangers, or when it was getting good. 

This new idea will flex my writing skills by writing fanfiction series spinoff digital books, I’ll publish on the website. There’s so many projects right now in early development and it’s amazing how much I can do, and create. 

I would like to hear your thoughts about this new fanfiction project. What do you want to expect it to be? Do you want a slide of pictures, texts, sound effects to make it more of an immersive story similar to a TV show? I can give that a try. 

If you’d like this newsletter, there’s lots more to come. [At least til #2000!] 

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