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Strive For Our Right

We Have The Right To Remain In Success 

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by Katherine Monet on October 26

Every one of us pursues something that feels right to them, and I agree. Throughout your day or week, there are these common thoughts we think about. What if this isn’t right for me? Should I try to do something new? I love yoga, fitness, art, writing, but can I get income from that? Where do I start? No way, impossible. I have to work to make money even though I hate it. Is it truly impossible to do something you enjoy and make a passive income? 

Someone once told me, nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it. My brother would tell me that, and I took it to heart. Yes, it’s extremely possible to do anything these days, almost every day I read stories about people making thousands or billions from passive income streams, such as YouTube, online courses, websites, social media, ads, and so much more. It’s insane how people who are extremely successful in doing all of this and I feel like I’m the one who needs to catch up to their level. 

If you’re like me, at the start of your own career and want to start your way up, welcome to the club. 

Despite the standards there are, know this, what you can do that you enjoy, start building what you want to do, and start a stream of income and then quit your current job that you don’t like at all. BUT IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU!



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Success Of Our Week 

by Katherine Monet on October 26

On a weekly basis, it’s hard to get work done no matter what spread you choose in your notebook or bullet journal you have, it’s the list of tasks that has to get done. So, what’s the secret of staying focused and being on top of your schedule to not fall behind? Here are some tips to help you achieve your tasks of the week: 

  1. Create a digital version of your schedule on your phone or in a separate notebook you bring with you everywhere 
  2. Create your tasks on your Google Calendar from your week plan
  3. Do more than you should on one project at a time in one day 
  4. Take five or fifteen minute breaks in between 
  5. Put on headphones and play deep focus no ads ambience while you work 
  6. Evaluate and express journaling each week on your performance and what you’ve accomplished 
  7. Lastly, show up for yourself 

These tips will help you get your work done faster, efficiently, and achieve success. I’ll break down these steps even more into a downloadable guide. If you want to accomplish a lot in your week and get work done, then this is for you. 


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Saturday Night Trailers Coming Guide 

by Katherine Monet on October 26

Here’s the upcoming schedule guide for the Saturday Night Trailers: [I feel like the Saturday Night Trailers have become its own network!]

Saturday Oct 28 – Saturday Night TV Show Trailer: Julie and the Phantoms 

Saturday Nov 4 – Saturday Night Tribute Trailer: Star Wars 

Saturday Nov 11 – Saturday Night TV Show Trailer: Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 

Saturday Nov 18 – Saturday Night Trailer: Mission Impossible 7 Dead Reckoning Part 1 

Saturday Nov 25 – Saturday Night Tony Awards 

Saturday Dec 2 – Saturday Night Double Throwback: Shake It Up and Jessie 

Saturday Dec 9 – Saturday Night Half – of – the – Time Super Show 

Saturday Dec 16 – Saturday Night TV Show Trailer: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 

Saturday Dec 30 – Saturday Night New Years Trailer: The Great Gatsby 

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Starting GYLST Guide Series and … Feature Class 

by Katherine Monet on October 26

Get Your Life Sh* Together Series Guide is going to comprise a series of guides to help you increase your momentum of your work week. When working, you think a lot about the work that has to get done. Or let’s say you’re starting a career that will jumpstart your presence both in real life and online. 

I learned recently that having a balance between self care and work isn’t the right word, why? Balance is to have an equal size at a certain level, but in life, it changes on you in an instant. So, it’s in the little moments we have for ourselves throughout the day, either it’s late at night (night owl) or early in the morning (early bird) or even during your breaks. 

In this guide, it will help you put your priorities first, and fast, and get to the gist of what has to get done. I’m offering my best tips, tricks, and hacks to make time for other things in your life.

Not only this guide will offer insights on life, priorities, and efficiency, there’ll be a Feature Class that will go beyond the surface of your life, no matter what lifestyle you have, and start your Transformation Plan to become who you want to be. 

Let’s Have A Marvelous Today Everyday! 

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