Katherine Monet

I’m starting a podcast on Spotify!


In this post, I’ll be breaking down my long – term career in podcasting, here are the titles:

1. Katherine’s Fabulous Talk and Glows

2. The Tomorrow Now

3. The Transformation Plan

4. Katherine’s Write Your Success Journey

5. A Marvelous Case Study On Life From Marvel

6. Rocketboost Your Entrepreneur Career

7.  Katherine’s How To Get Published As An Author Fast and Grow

8. Marvelous Tomorrow: The Coffee Table Read Talk and Review

The eight of these podcasts are only the beginning of my “content empire” so to speak. Other than Spotify, I plan on putting out my podcasts on various audio platforms and currently in the works, my YouTube podcast on Marvelous Today Channel.

Have A Fabulous Tomorrow And Make Every Day Great!

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