Katherine Monet

In the works as we speak, I’m focusing on publishing my first book! I’m planning to get it out into the world in December or early 2024. My dream is finally coming to reality, and I can’t wait to get going and continue my ongoing series.

For the longest time, I did not know where to start in the process of publishing; I got informed by researching and here we are. The best part is that I volunteer at the library near me and it’s home to book launches and sales. That’s right, I’m going in there to get the info I need and that’s exactly what I did.

Today, when I went to the library for my usual shift there, the first thing I did when I walked in, I went up to the librarian and asked. One thing led to another, then I received a call on more details, so now I have my hands full in the book process, and I’m extremely excited.

This is a perfect example to get something into motion, you just do it.

Now it’s your turn to do it for yourself.

Let’s Have A Good Today, and A Better Tomorrow! 

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