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Future Soon Businesses At Work

It’s A Hard – Knock Life

by Katherine Monet on October 12

Future Soon is a page on the website where I share my future ideas that are too big to pursue in my early career. I am so grateful for this website, because I get to share my ideas with the world. I’m one of those people in the world known as Super Achievers, and having a mindset as one is so important because it’s about believing in yourself. 

Speaking of believing in oneself, let’s get into the breakdown of Future Soon projects would someday come -of-something great: 

  1. Marvelous Tomorrow Company 
  2. The Exclusive Review 
  3. Marvity 
  4. LaCordium 
  5. Tech Company called Watermelon 
  6. WorkBrew Cafe Across the World 
  7. Cities Around the World 
  8. Secret No.8: whisper* A Bookstore of Innovate Life and surprises 

The Marvelous Tomorrow Company is where the magic happens, creating innovative projects. 

The Exclusive Review would be an online magazine and booking system for people in the many industries to hire a writer to market and review their work. 

Marvity is an audio music streamer and recording label where only artists who are The Scarlet Stars [artists become the face of change] create music innovatively. 

LaCordium is a performing arts theater and party venue to showcase projection art, galas, and plays that can create a community to showcase the true meaning of life and what we can learn from it within the culture of art. 

The Tech Company, Watermelon would create technology that can enhance our life and recreate Kindle – like products to get more organized, and so much more than you can imagine that would have a huge impact on people’s lives. 

WorkBrew Cafe Across the World is a branch of cafes that are an outside office space for creators in any field of their work can sit down and enjoy a comfortable setting to work at. 

Cities Around the World is a worldwide treasure hunt, and once it’s solved and gathered the treasures, everyone boards a bunch of cruise ships to take part in games, mysteries, escape rooms, and a seminar on our treasures of life. 

Secret No.8: *whisper A Book Store of Innovate Life Books. What is Innovate Life? Looks like you need to wait a while to find out!



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Website Business

by Katherine Monet on October 12

There’s a difference between regular posts on a weekly basis [I try to] and business. It’s always like that for any art form. Writing posts and being creative with the content I write/ publish is more than a skill, it’s an art, especially when you go all out like I do. 

This business I would like to share with all of you, is to start a passive income stream of bonus content you would pay for. Think of it as a “side hustle” so to speak. 

Me and my titles, obviously I would come up with for the website business side of things would be: Tomorrow Now! 

MT Presenting: Tomorrow Now

Now is the time to transform your life and achieve your impossible dreams that are more possible than you think. Tomorrow is your future. Join on a journey of The Transformation Plan to help you become who you’re meant to be. And together, we’ll have a Marvelous Future For Us All!

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Benefits Of Coffee And Flipping Pages

by Katherine Monet on October 12

Every morning, everyone has their own routine. Brew up some coffee, and go to work. Or wake up, workout, shower, and have a smoothie. These are a couple of example routines people have. Others may take their time, and wake up extremely early in the morning before they start their day. 

A good benefit of being an early bird is that you have time for yourself. Make a mug of coffee while reading a book, or magazine. When taking that time, you don’t feel the need to rush because it’s too early in the morning to get the ball rolling. 

Reading takes time, drinking a hot beverage takes time, because all you drink is a sip every second or so. Sometimes, in order to slow down and take in the moments of the early morning can benefit you more, because you’ll feel calm and relaxed. 

Our moods can affect how we feel. If you’re excited, you feel happy. If you’re gloomy, you’ll feel sad. 

Also, I learnt that stories have a common theme, to learn something valuable about our life. It’s amazing how stories mirror our lives in characters who are flawed, confused, and are on a journey becoming their greater self towards the end of their story. 

Let’s lead our lives like the characters/ heroes in books to inspire us to do something you have never done before. 

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