Katherine Monet

Getting started on how to restrict content and setting up for monetization, was harder than I anticipated. Making an income is a necessary thing to do, especially in my case, growing my career as an entrepreneur, writer, and YouTuber – in – progress.

There’s going to be some changes to the website, which is becoming a membership site to pay for exclusive content. Knowing this, and I said it before, is that at any level of membership is going to be affordable, and that way everyone has the chance to get exclusive content.

There’ll be courses, guides, video series based on lifestyle YouTubers, access to my officially published Patreon training, the link to my online store Art, Life, and Create, and so much more on the way.

Once you subscribe, you’ve become a member of your own Marvelous Tomorrow.

We shouldn’t see our life go by without meaning, purpose, and fulfillment, what I do is to create content that everyone can learn from and start your dream life into your Twenty Thrive.

Let’s Have A Fabulous, Awesome Tomorrow Together!

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