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What Is Unseen In the Background Of Content Creation

by Katherine Monet on September 28

Content creation is no easy feat, especially if you’re a website owner. There’s so much that has to go into writing a post, article, review, and so on. I have written on the website for about four years now, and I’ve changed the way I prepare my content over the years. It was hard, and it was worth it, because, now that I look back at the work I put into it and the extra effort to make it look professional. Now that I have my process that I usually do is that I create a title list of posts, then I would write a content outline in Onenote, then write the post in a word doc, edit using the Microsoft Word editor, copy paste it into a Google Doc sheet, and use the editor, copy paste what you wrote in your add new post, and published. 

In the photo above, you see a person with a notebook and laptop in front of them. That whole process I shared with you is flawed to the brim. Here are a few tips from my mistakes that I learned: 

  1. Use a blank notebook and plan your posts
  2. Write your post in a Microsoft Document 
  3. Edit in MSW 
  4. Copy Paste In Google Doc 
  5. Google Doc edit 
  6. Publish 

This is what I should be doing, part of the process of everything is to learn. But here’s another thing to consider, most of my posts are short and sweet. It’s good to do that when practicing getting straight to the point, even more so it needs to be long too. 

In order to have a space to create, clear the desk where only your laptop and notebook are. Same goes for your tabs. Start by cutting down and downloading the apps and marking everything in a bookmark folder, and start fresh and clean. Speaking of, it’s time for me to do my preparation for the website the right way. 



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Greater Achievers 

by Katherine Monet on September 28

We Can Achieve Great Things! 

The secret to being a super achiever is to have The I’m – Possibilities Goals. Impossible, the first two words I and M are there to form the word I am. The added secret ingredient to being the greatest achiever you can be is to have a winning mindset and to fill in the list of Your Unrealistic Goals. The I’m – Possibilities Goals and Your Unrealistic Goals work together, first get Unrealistic but come up with grand ideas, secondly to fill in your possibilities. In order to make this work is to create an Action Plan. I won’t get too much in detail on the how -to process of being a super achiever, this is your start to becoming your greater self, and that greater self is something I like to call, Greater Source. Ready to rocket ship your dreams and goals!


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Reading Weekly, Not Just the Newsletter 

by Katherine Monet on September 28

The Coffee Table Read Weekly or also known as Marvelous Tomorrow Newsletter, there’s more to read than you think. In a previous post, I wrote a list of the revealed projects in the works, one of them being a monthly magazine, which isn’t easy to do in one shot. Like the newsletter I do every week the best I can, don’t expect the magazine would be a similar project, because it’s not. The magazine is going to be a print – on- demand, you’ll be able to buy the magazine as a whole. 

Other than magazines, and how it’s exciting to be creating something that’s worth my time and effort, there are so many ways for readers / consumers to gain a lot of content these days. I’m following a lot of consumer content from all over and seeing what others do to make an income, which when I start my content like they do, it feels good for me because I feel like I have something important to contribute. 

Got ideas too, email me at 

I would gladly try some other ideas. 

Have a Fabulous Tomorrow and a Marvelous Today! 

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