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Author Dreams Do Come True 

The Possibilities Are Always The Next Chapter 

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by Katherine Monet on September 21

I believe dreams do come true. Every writer out there fantasizes what would happen when they publish their books, and become famous. Who knows if you’ll be famous, you can definitely strive to that goal, as long as you continue to practice and grow as a writer. Unfortunately for some people, they think they have what it takes, to write like the greatest authors of our times. No matter the fact that the unfortunate ones are terrible storytellers. 

I’m all for the continuous learning, the potential of great stories, but not everyone can have the talent for it. It takes imagination, effort, time, energy, and perseverance to power through the hard times. In the truth of reality, it’s not all daisies and sunshine, it’s hard. As long as you love what you do, I believe in you. 



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Inclusives and Upcoming Reviews 

by Katherine Monet on September 21

Feature Inclusives are articles that answer an important question to the world from insights from interviews with people. These Inclusives are a great way to understand a bit more on some decisions we make in our lives or the pursuits we want to go for. 

The Film and Series Review is in the making, I finished the first draft of one, before I publish them, my plan is to line them up with the outlines first. Before writing anything you must plan all the time. Sounds exhausting, but a necessary evil. The Reviews will be scheduled to publish soon and I’ll be continuously working on the Inclusives, except that as well. 


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Mess Up Experiences 

by Katherine Monet on September 21

Many times there were technical problems I’ve had to face, like the time when the website crashed down and I could get some older posts back, another time I accidentally downloaded a new theme, changed everything, and learned copyright fact checking links / credits. I messed up so many times, and without backups at one point. 

These experiences make life interesting and aggravating, but we learn from it or repeat our mistakes. I’ve been there and got the gold medal on that, you do not know how many times I accidentally wiped out my USB, got it back and repeat. We all have our experiences, and sometimes we can’t control the outcome. Mess up as many times you want, because it’s part of life and it’s the beauty of learning from them.  

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Planning Video Series No. 1 

By Katherine Monet September 21

My first Video Series, in which I’ll be creating voice overs in the YouTube videos, hopefully it will go well, is in the making. This series purpose is for an informative YouTube series voice over video -like version of a podcast on different topics. I’m looking forward to publishing this project. I have many creative ideas on how new category topics become more interactive and fun. 

I finished writing the first script for the first video of the series. Once I finish recording all twelve scripts / videos, we’re in business. Until then, keep reading and stay tuned! 

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