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I’ve challenged myself many times before to reach a post limit to reveal a secret project in the making, and now it’s officially over!

The secret projects in the works are all going to be revealed in this post:

1.     YouTube Channel

Right now, I’m in the early stages of creating a YouTube Channel. I finished some videos that needed to be recorded, lyric videos of original songs [I’m starting my singing career!], motivational speeches, and a monthly podcast.

2.     Author In A Few Months

It’s happening! I’m prioritizing my time to make my biggest dream come true. I wrote many stories, and now I’m preparing to get into the editing stage, then receiving the final edits from my new editor, and get that book published in print!

3.     Online Coach

In an older post, I mentioned I wanted to become a Patron on a website called Patreon. Now, I’m preparing for it. Exciting!

4.     The Late Live Kate Show

I’ve decided what would be the fate of The Late Night Kate Show, and that is a Live Show. No more animations, when I have my studio sometime in the future, there’ll be celebrities [we’ll see], exploring more of the Kate Show Universe, games, and more.

5.     Monthly Magazines

At first, I wanted to start making magazines for the website like I do with the newsletter, then I thought to myself, what if I make a real magazine you can buy and flip, a Marvelous Original Idea on my online store.

 6.     The Online Theater Is Back On!

I’m bringing back the online theater. Now I can start to put together all of my story trailer previews in a bundle.

7.     Interactive Online Events

In another older post, I wanted to have online interactive games and parties. Eventually, I’ll be planning escape rooms, solving mysteries, live action board and card games, the whole shebang!

8.     Printable Resource Kit and Flipbooks

A kit for life, print and read to your hearts delight. Created for the purpose of Artists Life / Life Artists, it’s completely free.

Now That’s How You Make A Fabulous Tomorrow!

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