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TV Generator For Throwback Stories 

Throwback Into Time and TV Is For Time Vault 

by Katherine Monet on September 7

The Time Vault is a prompt generator using my imagination to write unique stories. It’s interesting to see where the story goes, and it’s fun. There will be a new prompt generator coming soon, but first to finish the first two stories for the Vault. 

This is such a cool idea I came up with, and it’s interesting to see it come together as a whole. I’m sure that I have more to come for this Time Vault than only stories, it is a huge space in there. Stay tuned for the mix of stories to come and inventive new ideas for the Vault! 




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Video Series 

by Katherine Monet on September 7

Video Series is a long list of videos of 17 with audio clips, where I talk about the topics of the videos in detail. This series is fun and informative. The video series I’ll create will be of various topics, the one I’m currently working on is about routine, productivity, and learning from our experiences. And, it can be based on books, maybe documentaries, or a how to process to make your own short film, and the list goes on. 

The best part of it all, is that I get to write a short script and record it. I don’t have to write a thing, you can listen to my voice, which brings me back to the idea of something I wanted to do, but I never did it, and that’s starting motivational speeches. It’s time for my voice to shine. 


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The Fate of the Late Night Kate Show 

by Katherine Monet on September 7

When I started The Late Night Kate Show, I felt like an amateur, at the same time I had fun making them. I thought about continuing and restarting the whole thing, and making it more professional. I’m unsure about the fate of this show, and for the time being, I’ll start by creating more episodes and writing the voice overs, prepare the episodes but put them in a digitized drawer until I feel I’m able to continue. At the moment, with a secret project in the making, writing stories, keeping up with my website schedule, pursuing a career as a growing – in – progress entrepreneur, and creating my own original music. I may sound insane with all the work I put in each of these categories, but honestly I love it, and being busy is fulfilling and rewarding. 

The fate of The Late Night Kate Show will still go on, it’s going to have a time off for now once I have everything in order, I’m still at the early stages of my career, even though I’ve written on the website for about seven years! 

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