Katherine Monet

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I’ve always known that I’d never published. What if I told you I was wrong all this time? It’s funny how sometimes the opportunity is there under your nose, and when you realize, you’re like, why didn’t notice this before? I’m an author! On Wattpad of digital books. How do I know? This is how. I did some research and found out that what you post on Wattpad is published! Yeah, exactly, I’m blown away. 

Now I know, I took a step back from Wattpad and recreated myself on the platform, meaning I need to take it seriously, because there are lots of opportunities there where your story can get recognized into a movie or TV show and a hand – held print version! 

If I want to start a career, I got serious about what I do. Publish original or fanfiction books, there’s so many categories writers write in, it’s amazing! All this time I was chasing a big dream that was right in front of me. As a Wattpad author, my personal writings will also see the light, and I’ll make sure it’s perfect with the help of an online writing community called Scribophile. There’s lots of people on this platform and I can’t wait to get going and achieve my ultimate dream. 

That dream is to create these stories into print books, and flip the pages past your bedtime. I have a lot to achieve in my life. I’m young, ambitious, and I know what I want. Use me as an example, when I do all these things, your dream is possible too. 

Let’s Have A Fabulous Marvelous Tomorrow Together!

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