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by Katherine Monet on Thursday July 27

We’re made and live a life of design. Each of us are individuals with a uniqueness no one else can have. We’re unlike one another but have something in common. That’s one way we’re like designers. 

Another way of looking at ourselves as Designers of Life is to be attuned to what we do, create and develop. This is exactly the definition of being a Designer of Life. We develop, create, constant action to pursue the goals ahead. Everything we do is for one sole purpose, and that’s fulfilling our destiny. 

Our destiny in life is precious and important, it is what makes us become a greater version of ourselves. I’m sure you’ve fantasized how the future would look, an apartment / loft, being out there in the world, and living the life of your dream only brings good things. 

We granted nothing in life, especially when expecting windfalls after another, that’s not how it works. You can fantasize what it can be like, but also consider the downs and cons coming our way unexpectedly. Yeah, we didn’t ask for that, but that’s life. It either gives you lemons or oranges, but nothing can duplicate each other the same as the opposite. 



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Story Trailers 

by Katherine Monet on July 27

Knowing me, I love a good story trailer. I’ve worked on these videos before, and I thought they were good, but I honestly thought it wasn’t good enough. There’s always room for improvement, it’s a good thing I have new story ideas. I’ve been working on books – in – progress versions in the making. In these new and improved trailers, these ideas I have in store will bring you into their worlds and once I work on Write Screen, you’ll get a deep dive into the worlds of these characters and storylines I created. 

Thinking about working on the outlines for Write Screen is getting me psyched, it’s like I’m falling in love with my original stories all over again. I’m so excited to get these videos going again, stay tuned, I have something else in the works right now, a secret project is going to be announced soon. 

Special Editions 

by Katherine Monet on July 27

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Special Editions are coming back, even though I stopped putting up Saturday Night Trailers every other Saturday night, because when the day gets long, the later it gets. The Saturday Night Trailers will be back, there are more movies coming out more than ever before. 

Other than these special nights on a weekly basis, Special Editions are beyond videos, there’s a project I’m working towards creating. For one, I have an online store: 

This is where I’ll be creating some awesome Special Marvelous Original Edition products. Keep reading on reading to find out more on these special products on the way to you. 

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