Katherine Monet

A week ago, I applied a LMS [Learning Management System] to the website to incorporate more inclusive content by building a growing – in–progress business. I did not know that it was a Course theme! I have this vision that I want the website to be more of something of value to everyone, for myself too, it’s more than just a website now that I’m starting to slowly create what I do as a business. I’ll write more on that soon.

I called my tech guy who fixed the problem and then I got my original theme back, thank goodness. It was insane what happened, for people out there who have WordPress websites be careful with plugins.

I thought it was a funny situation at first, but the more I tried fixing it on my own, my original theme didn’t come back. If you’ve noticed that the last two posts I had to republish on the same date, know it’s because of this setback. In this experience I had, I know that this isn’t my fault at all.

The experience taught me, that I need to be aware of what I do, and that’s important.

Have a Fabulous Tomorrow and learn from your mistakes no matter how big or small they are.

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