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I admire and praise people who stand for self-development and are willing to give their experience and expertise on the subject to helping people. It’s extremely common for these kinds of people to cost money, and that’s one of the main avenues of their income. Today, I joined a Darren Hardy webinar, and I learned three powerful tools to help with productivity.

During the ending time of the broadcast, there was a timer where people who joined paid for a lifetime access to many resources Darren offered for free specifically. I had a hard time accessing it and he said, “People who don’t get it, don’t be upset.”

The initial response to what he said was fear, flustered, and an incredible opportunity slipped. I felt bad not just for myself, but for others who were going through the same, willing to pay four hundred plus dollars to all of these courses / resources and I find it unfair to the ones who got nothing in return.

What I like about Darren Hardy is his motto, You Weren’t Born To Be Good, You Are Here To Be Great. I agree, and despite my experience has given me a sense of motivation to strive to create something more than Life Artist. That is to study everything I can on self development, how to be efficient, productivity enhancers, and much more for no cost or a small fee.

Like myself, as a big achiever of my own dreams, I want others to do the same for everything that I do for Sketchfuture. Not everything in life is about money, we have it to help to get food and necessities. The overall idea of life is to learn, grow, develop, and discover, and you know what, life in itself is free. So, we make the best of it.

Let’s live together a Marvelous, Fabulous Tomorrow! [ Free Courses, Free Resources, and Free Everything Else Only On Marvelous Tomorrow] 

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