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It’s A Resourcefulness To Be Productive 

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by Katherine Monet on June 8

Having resources at hand is extremely helpful, especially if it’s for life. Imagine living in a less scary world of uncertainty and full of doubts. We all have these feelings, right? The resources I’m offering are huge, it’s literally going to change your life. This is my proposal, an online course on how to figure out what you’re meant to do in your life, Feature Classes that will break down almost every aspect of life and how to go forward with it, and there’s so much more on the way. Including a Create Artists Personal template PDF book, which combines the Life Artist course concept with exercises to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

One of the many things we all dream of is having a life of our own, what it would be like to live with yourself, and what you’ll do. This is where the Work Life In A Week Series comes to play a part in our daily lives. Like how to manage our jobs, what is a good schedule, being more productive, organizing the work that has to get done effectively, self care, self love, fitness routine, planning sessions, and so much more that gets into it. 

All of this sounds daunting, because it is. Marvelous Tomorrow is here to be your supporter team, and will always believe in your biggest dreams. We are here for you. You can email me personally if you have questions in your journey: 

Let’s take on a Fabulous Tomorrow together! 



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Throwback To The Past 

by Katherine Monet on June 8 

In past posts, I’ve published throwback YouTube videos of earlier TV shows of the 2000s and facts of the 90s, 80s, and 70s, but lately I’ve written more about how to be more productive in our daily lives. Sometime soon, I’ll start writing more throwbacks. 

One of my favorite throwbacks I published on the website is the Jimmy Kimmel video when Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveled from the future. That was awesome!

 Speaking of the future, I think it’s time to create a Throwback Vault. It’s a throwback of a set of prompt stories I’ll write and a mystery package in a PDF file. I have talked about the mystery package before, but I did not know how to go about it, and now I do. Now, isn’t that a genius idea? I’m kidding, I’m no genius. 

Moving on to bigger and brighter things, expect a spontaneous surprise on any given time and day when the first Time Vault arrives. 

To The Great Throwbacks! 

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Everyday Inspiration

by Katherine Monet on June 8

Inspiration is a colorful light bulb in our minds when creating ideas for absolutely anything. There’s this quote: “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club” – Jack London 

The Call of the Wild author has a great point. Most of the time, we have to chase after our passions. Part of life is to constantly take action, and action can transform into something and that something becomes the steppingstones to your career. 

Every day is like a Remembrance Day, I say that not because of what the day is for, but as a reminder to us to realize our present moment. In order for us to get inspired in our everyday lives is to open our minds, listen, remember, living in the now, and that’s how we draw inspiration towards us. 

Today’s world is busy, rushed, and crammed in every time block. Work robs us not only of our time, but having a moment for ourselves. We need inspiration in our lives to help us strive towards our dreams and goals. 

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