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Living a lifestyle by experimenting with routines is a great way to figure out what is best for you specifically, and one of my favorite things to do is look up on YouTube routines. There are so many lifestyle YouTubers and so far, Kalyn Nicholson is my favorite. Watching her videos gives us a peek at her life working at home, but when starting out, it’s important to get out there to experience and have a social life too.

On a variety of subjects, Kalyn’s Coffee Talk, her podcast, discusses personal growth and valuable advice. Some of my favorite videos on her channel show how Kalyn plans ahead, which is extremely helpful, and her yoga / workout.

Pursuing a life according to what you want to do is important for everyone to identify, and I’m working on resources that’s going to help put your dreams into action. So, get organized, and Start Your Week In the Life of You.

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