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by Katherine Monet on May 18

Series, short stories, and book lengths galore are on Wattpad, an online publishing platform where writers write stories and share them with the world. And sometimes those stories get noticed and become a movie or TV show! Isn’t that awesome! So far, my experience on Wattpad has been a pleasure. I currently have some series. Our Favorite Girls, Kingdom Entertainment, Just Add Jinxes, Sparmed, and Airplane Mode On Halle Tailey to name a few. 

Here’s a link to my Wattpad profile: 

Using Wattpad has opened my mind to new possibilities, and part of that is helping me on my journey to publication. My goal, the mountain peak moment I’ve been heading towards, and now I’m ready to take another step forward. A wise friend said to me recently, “Life Isn’t A Waiting Room.” I’m not waiting around, I’m going to make it happen. 



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How And Why Stories Are Important 

by Katherine Monet on May 18 

Stories are part of life, and that’s what makes them special and unique. Some of the most famous authors of our times take it into account to incorporate what is real into their stories. But how are stories important to our ongoing lives? Stories help us understand valuable lessons in life and often forget how movies and shows aren’t just a distraction and waste of time, if it was, people in the industry would stop making them. But that’s not the case at all. Either your parents or someone else in your life tells you to get off the couch or close your laptop when it’s late at night, saying you’re wasting your time and life, part of that isn’t true. What’s true is that we can learn from the mistakes of these characters and relate to them on a deeper level, and take away something from it. There are movies you can search online on how it impacted the world greatly. That’s only one reason stories are important. Why are stories so important to us all? It’s not just about learning from stories, it’s a beautiful piece of work that offers insights to our daily lives. Therefore, stories are so important, and realizing this as I write is what I am setting myself up to do. I’m a writer, I have so many stories to share with the world, and someday soon as I keep pushing on to the finish line, the result will be great! 


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Television Series Features And Film Features 

by Katherine Monet on May 18 

We Write So We Can Live … 

Definitely true for screenwriters who are writing the next best thing. For example, Adam McKay wrote Don’t Look Up, a masterpiece film starring Leonardo DiCaprio who performed incredibly. There are people in the industry and also Freelance writers are making money with what they do. Screenrant is a website that writes about news and covers topics of films and TV shows. I read these writers in – depth articles about the shows and films we watch, and break down the plots of the stories by ranking characters’ likability, and describing scenes. It’s basically analyzing and a reviewer. One point in time, I wanted to write The Film Review. I’ve practiced writing these types of features / articles which I find a little challenging, because I’m still figuring out the process. 

With that process, I plan on using that with my universe of stories for Write Screen. And with that said, have a good today, and a better, greater marvelous tomorrow. 

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What I Love About My Favorite Videos On YouTube 

Video gallery galore is at everyone’s disposal on YouTube. It’s helpful thanks to life stylist YouTubers and free courses on basically anything. Not only that, the best part is all the videos in your like list. I have at least 832 videos on my like list, maybe I’ll show them all on the website! I’m kidding, not all of them, too much. 

My Favorite List is a source of inspiration, I enjoy watching videos on lifestyle, and how to stay productive throughout your week. And watching some dance shorts and revisiting other videos I think about. All this to say is that, YouTube meets more what the eyes sees, and that’s what I love about my favorite videos, for inspiration, getting into a dance mood [Gettin Jiggy Wit It!] and discovering the world. 

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