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The Making of Story Trailer Previews To The Real Trailers

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by Katherine Monet on May 11

Coming Soon or Future Soon! You may have noticed I haven’t made any more Story Idea Trailer Previews, which I’m planning making more now that I have some new series ideas. First, I would like to publicize / categorize future sharing ideas called Future Soon, that way no one gets confused of what I’m sharing than launching an idea. Secondly, I have a new Future Soon idea, and that is Real Trailers. Let’s expand our imagination and imagine what it would be like to have professionally made trailers for each of my best ideas, wouldn’t that be cool!? We’ll find out Future Soon, anything is possible. 



Top 3 Biggest Movies On-screen 

by Katherine Monet on May 11 2023 

Films play a huge part of our culture and lives. It’s how we learn, understand, and perceive the world. Every movie made is brilliantly designed by talented people in the industry, from Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, David Leitch, and Ron Howard among many big names out there. All those famous actors manifest these characters on – screen we remember to this day, and come to think of it, movies, TV series, and books have one thing in common, that is stories. Stories change the world. Here are Top 3 Biggest Movies On – Screen: 

  1. Titanic 
  2. The Godfather 
  3. Avengers: Endgame       

These three films have three important elements we all should learn from, love, family, and possibilities rather than impossibilities.  

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My Writing Progress 

by Katherine Monet on May 11 2023 

Writing is a lovely art of constant creation. New story ideas pour onto the page, filling notebooks to the brim, and lots of stories collecting dust waiting to get published. Part of the process is to struggle til you make it. That basically means, when in doubt and fear of missing out, persist. That’s where I’m at, I want to publish, but my life circumstances and a huge obstacle is in my way of achieving that. 

Besides all of that, my progress is gaining speed. I have a few drafts of my work printed only for me to see, and I’m still writing, but no closer to nearly anything publishable. It’s just me and my series. I’m sure my life circumstances will change for the better to make my dream come true and watch my stories go out to the world, and hopefully someone out there will love these stories as much as I do. Have a good today, and a greater tomorrow, write soon. 

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