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The Science of Motivation

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by Katherine Monet on May 04

The Science of Motivation is connected to our inner psychology of understanding what inspires us meets passion, to persistence. There are lots of YouTubers covering varieties of advice behind motivation, staying focused on tasks, and having a clear space to work on. So far, I’ve learned a few things on how to get the most out of your day. Wake up earlier, wear headphones listening to deep focus with a Pomodoro timer to get yourself into a state of flow, known as Flowmodoro, and organize your tasks beforehand. 

In order to succeed in your goals, getting yourself together when starting out, and creating a system that works requires a lot of experimentation. Experiment is essential when building routines and those routines will help you create the life you want. 

Everyone out there who’s probably reading this, what I’m about to say is crucial knowledge every person should know, is that, don’t let anyone in your life become an obstacle to your future. If you want the life you want and pursue, don’t wait, start now and find ways to get yourself to the life you’re meant to live, no matter your circumstances. You got the motivation. 



by Creassion Studio

The Marvelous Original, The Katherine Globe, and Monthly Magazines 

by Katherine Monet on May 04

Great dreams, and big ideas are a way to expand the horizons of possibilities. A fantasy, I envisioned in my mind, creating magazines. The Marvelous Original, The Katherine Globe, and Monthly Magazines for the website. It’s definitely grand, but here’s something important to remember, is to be a big dreamer, and a high achiever rather than thinking small, and not fulfilling life the way it should be. 

In order to achieve a high feat, it’s starting small. Like writing Monthly Magazines. Sometimes high achievers can get ahead of themselves, like I do, and get started at the top of the peak. Before you get there, we need to climb the mountain first before the peak. We will have our peak moments, it’s being set up for us. Life is a mystery, and that’s why it’s beautiful. 

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Sketch Your Future / Sketchfuture 

by Katherine Monet  on May 04

 One of the best moments in life is when you finally learn your reason for living, for my reason, I found something that’s up my alley. I like to create, ideas transform in my mind all the time, and no wonder, there’s a job out there that does exactly that, an Entrepreneur. I’ve recently worked my way up the chain and started a work -in- progress online business startup, for now, before creating a physical location. This business dream has a name of its own, called, Sketchfuture. It’s about sketching / creating a future and making possibilities happen. Anything is possible, no matter how grand it is. With that said, have a good day, and a Marvelous Tomorrow! 

Feature Image: \ Creator: Alexander Shelegov \ Credit: Getty Images – stockphoto

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