Katherine Monet

Steppingstones are little things that will get you to where you want to be, and something I plan on doing. I recently published a post about changing the way I approach the website as a universe of video stories and my story ideas from a cinematic point–of–view, which is a unique way to look at it. I have a website to share my voice, put myself out there, and create something of myself.

I’ve decided I want to make the website in a way that’s true to my style and what I enjoy writing. I’ve changed over time the posts I put out, and exploring many aspects of creative projects I do is helping me find what I truly want to write. I remember that I started creating The Late Night Kate Show, my animated Late Night Show, and at first, it was fun, and now I’ve taken a break from it.

For people out there who have their websites, I highly recommend exploring creative ideas as I did. You have big ideas to pursue, and sometimes it doesn’t pan out, but that’s okay. An example, I closed the door to create an online community because I thought that was something I could do. Not all you post is a promise. I learned it was more of a process. Part of reinventing, or even creating something, is that it’s a process in itself. Remember this takes time to launch and continuously post new content to make up your image on the internet, which is not easy. But if I can do it, anyone can do the same in five or seven years!

With that said, let there be a new marvelous future ahead of us all!

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