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Katherine Monet

How to love yourself? That’s a big question. Love is something special to us as people have for significant others, but how can we reverse the process for yourself? The first step towards self love is simple but hard, it’s about being honest with yourself, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and what you do to care for yourself. The process is long, because self love can’t happen over night, it’s a journey. In order to do this task, find yourself a notebook you feel comfortable with and write down your care routine, a song playlist that makes you feel special, and write entries about your feelings, pouring out your truths with all of your heart and soul, write what you want to write. I find that self love is a huge, emotional topic. I’m on the journey too. If you need a boost in your self esteem or want to learn how to treat yourself better, I would think this is the best option because it’s liberating. If I can do it, so can you.

Besides the idea of a notebook outlet for self love, there are many other ways. Such as songwriting, making music, talking to a friend, or even distracting yourself by going forward to your dream. Speaking of life dreams, today I learnt that they’re two different types of dreams, fantasizing and realistic. I will definitely touch base on this topic soon. You can try this method or any that suits you. I wish luck for the ones who sought out on this journey.

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