By Katherine Monet

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She’s a super steel hero and an inspiration, she’s the beacon of hope for everyone in National City. Not only she’s the infamous Supergirl, Kara Danvers who portrays the superhero is a reporter works at a media company Cat Co.. In the series, Supergirl has shown in so many incredible ways in the most toughest and darkest of times with her signature hopeful speeches. Throughout the series, Supergirl has dealt with a lot of interesting situations that threaten National City and its villains, such as, Earth X, the wedding invasion, a rogue gone bad Superman, the Worldkillers, the betrayal of Eve Teschmacher, who apparently has a crush on the biggest baddie, Lex Luthor.

No matter what happens in National City, Supergirl and her sidekick adopted sister Alex Danvers and Martian Manhunter have always swooped in to save the day. They’ve faced a lot of threats and villains, but none like the team duo of Lex Luthor and Nyxly, going after the Allstone totems. But, I figured something interesting, the Allstone is very similar to the MCU’s Infinity Stones. Does that sound familiar?

Supergirl is one of the strongest heroes there is, her faith and hopefulness is stronger than ever. At times in our own lives, we feel like there are certain things that may seem impossible in the situation you’re in, either your feeling sad, powerless, or trying to fit in, whatever it may be, we can learn from the heroes we watch.

Supergirl is more than super, she’s the Girl of Steel, she can do anything and so can we.

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