By Katherine Monet

Welcome back to Sweet Rollinghill! We left Mayor Withers plotting to get his revenge on The Blossoms and The Blossom’s husbands. But we’ll soon find out his true colors soon. In the meantime, The Blossom Women, Malia, Willow Di, Garland Rose, and Kendall were all gathered at the Garland Rose’s cafe at the coffee bar table. Where they all sat on high stools.

“Have you started anything for the bakery?” Willow Di asked Malia.

“Not yet. I wanted to plan with you guys,” Malia answered.

“First of all, you need to look at locations and work with an interior designer,” Garland said.

“Why do I need an interior designer?” Malia asked Garland.

“Obviously this is more than just a bakery, you’ll need space for all of these ideas. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. I took interior design in college, I learned all about this stuff,” Garland said.

“Okay. Is this the first plan of action?” Kendall asked.

” Yeah, it is the first step. With that said ladies, I have to get back to work. The cafe doesn’t work itself,” Garland told them and walked away from the coffee bar to the kitchen. The three women continued their conversation. 

“Malia, would you like help to write your business plan? I can get you a template to start with while I look for locations,” Kendall offered. 

“That would be great Kendall, thank you,” Malia thanked her. 

“No problem, glad to help,” Kendall replied. 

“What can I do in the meantime?” Willow Di asked. 

“You can get a head start on the things we need, like tables, chairs, creating workshops, the stuff for the dance studio, those kind of things,” Malia answered. 

“Sure,” Willow Di said. 

The three of them were as excited as Malia, because they’re all going in on business together. They all left the cafe and headed to work. 

Later that day, Robert was in his office at the Sweet Rollinghill Archives, he typed on his laptop, his eyes never left the screen and didn’t notice someone walked in. The person who entered had taken a seat in a soft cushioned green chair in front of the desk. 

Robert continued to type without distraction. 

“Ahem,” said a voice. 

Robert stopped what he was doing and took out his pen from between his lips and put it down. He looked up to see Mayor Withers in front of him. 

“Mayor Withers, I didn’t expect to see you here. What can I do for you?” Robert asked him. 

“Glad you finally acknowledged me. Robert, I came here because I need information,” Mayor Withers started. 

“What are you looking for?” 

“I’m looking for information about Sweet Rollinghill High. I’m looking into some history for the new town’s District Attorney Kim Yang who’s interested in the school’s history,” Mayor Withers answered. 

“Why would the District Attorney be interested in school history?” Robert asked suspiciously, sensing something was off. 

“Mrs. Yang told me that learning Sweet Rollinghill’s history, more specifically in schools, is because she’s not only an attorney, she’s a historical research writer writing a piece based on the town. I owe her a favor and that’s why I’m here,” Mayor Withers explained. 

“Sure, follow me,” Robert said. Robert got up from his chair and Mayor Withers followed. Despite Robert’s instincts that tell him Mayor Withers is up to something fishy, he leads the way to the files that Mayor Withers borrows. Little does Robert know, it is the beginning of a new revenge era. 

Three weeks later, The Blossom Women, Malia, Willow Di, Kendall and Garland Rose stared at a pair of white double doors of a big house on the first step of the stairs. 

“This is it,” Malia said to the others. 

“Ready to open the doors?” Garland Rose asked Malia. 

“This might sound crazy, but I’m not ready,” Malia told them, with uncertainty in her voice. 

“You know it’s okay to be scared,” Garland Rose told her. 

“Besides the fact we’ve all worked hard on this, if you choose to leave this idea behind, that’s okay too,” Willow Di said. 

“No. No. We did this together and I’m not wasting this wonderful opportunity. Let’s open the doors.” Malia mustered her courage to say even though she’s scared to go through with The Bakery Art Studio. 

Willow Di and Kendall walk up on the porch and officially open the doors to a hopeful new sweet future ahead of them. They may have a little sprinkle on the icing to make things better, but soon it will turn out for the worse. 

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