By Katherine Monet

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In the town of Sweet Rollinghill, South Carolina, you might think it is the most beautiful place on earth. Where there are lakes, wonderful sunny days, forests, and cozy cafes. But you should know that everyone in this town whispers. They whisper your name behind your back and talk badly. We’re known for our sweet nature, by we I mean them, The Blossoms. The Blossoms are four kind women, Malia, Willow Di, Kendall, and Garland Rose. Over the course of the years of high school, college, and even in their parenthood, each of these women have gotten through a lot together. On one sunny morning, once again came another downfall. Sitting on a bench on the sidewalk, Malia, a flaming red head, had a notebook against her crossed leg and was deep in writing. A shadow approached her. Malia looked up to see Kendall’s dark chestnut figure, swept blue black hair, and deep green blue eyes. 

“Hey Malia, I see you’re writing again,” Kendall said. “Yes I am. Trying to though,” Malia said back. 

“I see. It’s not easy when the things you enjoy doing the most are last on the list when you’ve got four kids,” Kendall told Malia. 

“Ditto to that. Even after having my blessed darlings, doesn’t mean there’s much less to do,” Malia said. 

“I agree, kids slash teens can be tough to handle, two is enough for me” Kendall said as she took a seat next to Malia.

 “How you holding up by the way? You know from the summer. When Kerry Withers told everyone about the night Robert’s car crashed in the house.” Malia asked and put her hand on Kendall’s shoulder.

 “Yeah I remember that night. Can you believe that Kerry thought it was my car in the house? Was she the one who told everyone I drove into the house?” Kendall asked. 

“Unfortunately, yes. But I am glad your house is as beautiful as ever,” Malia said as she let down her hand from Kendall’s shoulder. 

“Thank you. That’s enough of a memory lane.” Kendall said as she got up. “Oh, and by the way don’t forget it’s Free It Out night.” 

“Got it. See you later,” Malia said and smiled. 

Kendall sighed, eyes down to the ground, and walked away. Going down memory lane with Kendall is a bit tough. Especially the others, that’s why they invented the Free It Out night. To let out everything. 

At the Cold Magnolia café, Robert. Kendall’s husband and Garland Rose sat across each other while drinking their coffees. “Can you help me out with something,” Robert started. 

“Sure, what is it?” Garland Rose asked and pushed back her straight long brown hair behind her ear. 

“You see, Kerry Withers has done a lot of damage over the summer and spread rumors that Kendall drove into the house. What I want to help with is that Kendall is struggling with financial payments over the house. I found out through Willow Di that you know a financial advisor who can help.” Robert explained. 

“I see. Listen, Robert. I would reach out to my financial advisor but you know how time is money. I have to give at least two per cent of my earnings of the café. I say this as a friend that this is not a feasible option. There could be another way.” Garland Rose explained. 

“But. I’m running out of ideas. Please, I need to help my wife,” Robert pleaded and stared at Garland with his worried light brown eyes. He ran his fingers through his dark blond crew cut hair in desperation. 

“Tell you what. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’ll run a secret fundraising campaign to help her out. Including helping other people who are struggling. Ever since Mayor Withers has increased homeowner taxes, Kendall isn’t the only one. But if Kendall ever finds out about this campaign, you know what’s going to happen.” Garland suggested. 

“It’s a great idea…” Robert trailed off, distracted by the entrance of Mayor Withers. Garland Rose got up from her seat, 

“Good morning, Mayor Withers. Would you like your usual coffee?” She offered and smiled. 

“Yes, please,” Mr. Withers replied. Garland went behind the counter and prepared Mayor Withers coffee. Mayor Withers is a tall, slender man with tousled curly, brown hair.  “Hi Robert. How ya’ll doing this fine morning?” Mayor Withers greeted Robert. 

“I’m doing fine,” Robert said as he got up from his seat and pushed in the chair.

 “Where y’all going?” Mayor Withers asked. 

“Somewhere where I need to be. It’s not your business to know, or anyone else’s,” Robert reminded. “One more thing. Don’t ya dare do what you did. You may be Mayor of Sweet Rollinghill, but that doesn’t make you any different from every citizen.” Robert whispered, then headed out the cafe.

 Last summer was tough for everyone. First, Mayor Leonard Withers decided to raise house expenses. Which caused a lot of people like Kendall who’s overwhelmed with such payments. 

One night, Kendall wasn’t like her usual self. Her mind was elsewhere, and hurried to meet up with business partners. But somehow, someone turned on Robert’s car. There was no passenger inside and it crashed into the home. 

 Mayor Withers has exposed everyone’s personal business, secrets, and uncovering people’s wrongdoings for unknown intentions. That summer was a bittersweet one. 

  At the police precinct, Willow Di, a detective, is talking to Cece Cade. Willow Di sat behind a desk and Cece sat on a chair across from her. 

“I will definitely get on Mayor Withers’ case,” Willow Di told Cece. 

“Thank you so much for hearing me out. Ever since he has exposed me to stealing money, I knew he’s not a good Mayor. We need a Mayor who cares. Someone who takes action. Not someone who’s willing to take advantage of all that power. Using it for personal gain,” Cece told Willow Di. 

Willow Di searched in Cece’s blue upset eyes. “I know how tough this is for you and everyone else. Mayor Withers is going down, for sure.” Willow Di said. 

“Thank you so much Willow Di. I appreciate your efforts. I hope this town could one day become a serenity.” Cece said as she got up from her seat, fixed her white flowered dress, and headed out the office. 

Willow Di, stared outside her window with her gray blue eyes and pushed back her shoulder length brown – blond hair. She sighed.  Willow Di understood how much effort she had to do to bring down Mayor Withers. If Withers is out of the picture, who’s going to fill his shoes? She thought.

 That night, Willow Di, Garland Rose, Kendall, and Malia met up at Malia’s house for their Free It Out night. The usual meet up place. The four women sat down around the granite island counter in the kitchen and sat on high cushioned adjustable stools. 

On the island counter, there was a blender, margarita glasses with a blend of lime, seven up, and rum. There were empty cans of seven up, and squeezed limes. 

“I got some news,” Willow Di started.

 “What is it?” Malia asked.

 “It was about time that I should’ve done this. I have a new case. That case is taking down Mayor Withers,” Willow Di told them. 

“Yes, finally. Thank goodness. It’s about time there should be some good things going on in this town,” Garland Rose said relieved. 

“But here’s the problem. If I go forward to do this and Withers is out of the picture. Who’s going to be Mayor? But that leads to another problem. This town will get a whole lot worse if we don’t have a good leader,” Willow Di explained.

 “We can’t have another Mayor like Withers. We need to do something fast.” Kendall said with urgency in her voice. 

“You know what else this town needs?” Malia asked, hiding her growing excitement. 

 “A better Mayor and raising salaries.” Garland Rose answered. 

“Yes, that too. But everyone here in town is bitter to their very core. We need something sweet for goodness sake, this town is Sweet Rollinghill. We need to sweeten it up.” Malia said with spirit. 

“How are we supposed to do that?” Kendall asked and took a sip of her drink. 

“I know exactly how. This has been a dream of mine for a long time.That’s to have my own bakery. What do you think?” Malia said. 

“That’s a great idea,” Garland Rose said.

 ” We can all chip in.It can be a bakery, and also something more.  What if we had a dance studio, art classes, and workshops.” Kendall added. 

“Oh wow. I love that idea Kendall,” Willow Di said.

 “This is the beginning of a great idea,” Garland Rose put in.

 “All hands,” Malia said and put out her hand in midair. The others put their hands on top of each other. Altogether they threw their hands in the air and cheered, “To The Sweet Blossoms.” On that night, was the birth of Sweet Blossom Sprinkle Bakery and Studio.

 That same night, Mayor Withers stood in his home office looking out the window to the full moon. He held a mug of decaf coffee, thinking. His wife Kerry walked in, and she knew her husband was deep in thought whenever he would stare at the night sky.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked him. He took a sip of his coffee. 

“I’m thinking how I can go about my sweet revenge,” Leonard answered. 

“To who?” She asked. 

“The Blossoms women and The Blossoms husbands among many others in this town,” he answered. 

“Why?” Kerry asked. 

“They all took something from me in high school, my dignity, my pride, and my belongings each of them stole. They all must pay for the price, my love.” Leonard answered without turning his back. He took another sip. “There won’t be another sweet escape this time,” he said with a mischievous glint in his eyes and a smirk. And hell bitter is loose

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