Katherine Monet

Leaders are believers. We believe in the things we do and the things we dream. The first rule I learnt about believing myself is to never give up. Every one of us are natural born leaders in our own unique way. Us as people when united can do so many great things. Speaking of great things, there’s a TV show called Legends of Tomorrow that is one out of many great heroes that has taught me something important just like every other superhero show. The Legends team are time traveling heroes started out as misfits and outcasts. We can learn from the Legends that no matter what mission it takes to mess up the past, the present or even the future they end up fixing everything. Why of all the shows did I choose to write about The Legends? It’s because it consists of time travel. It’s about the moments of time, past, present, and future.

Our future and present is the most important of our lives. It’s now where we can lead ourselves to greater and possible things, no matter how impossible it is. We are Leaders and Legends of Today. We make Today a good beginning but Tomorrow a better one. To all those people out there who don’t believe in themselves, you’re not alone, know that. We are Leaders of our hearts and Legends of our spaceship minds that soar beyond what we can comprehend. This is Miss Marvelous Tomorrow, have a good today, a better tomorrow, and become the Leader of your hearts and souls.

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