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I’m the type of writer who writes a lot and a lot of series. It’s what I do, and it’s what I love. That’s one of many things I like to share. Here is a inside peek of Alex’s POWER:

#1: Alex’s Notebook Power: Alex Newle is a music composer who works at Great Beats Co. and is secretly a talented songwriter. One day, on a shopping spree, Alex finds a galaxy designed notebook with a pen she buys. Alex continues to write her songs. The first song she writes about being lonely. Out of the blue, a co – worker named Nay, randomly tells her that she knows Alex is lonely and sets up a girls night date that night. Alex and Nay go to the bar where there are signs stating being lonely. After the girls night out, Alex is swept away by a magical musical all the way home. 

#2: Alex’s Emotion Songs: The next day, Alex goes to buy her coffee at her favorite cafe called Jingle Brew and notices people singing their emotions to her she can only hear. Alex goes to work feeling flustered and wondering how this is happening. Alex’s boss, Kara Hyland demands the entire team to finish 70 songs by the end of the week. But Alex and the others are a small team and they have to work fast on a tight schedule. Speaking of bad timings, people at work are singing their emotions to her that begin to haunt her everywhere she goes. After a long day of work, Alex goes through another magical musical number all the way home and writes another song about craziness. 

#3: Alex’s Musical Universe: The next morning with barely any sleep because all the songs from the previous day kept on playing in her head. Alex goes and gets her caffeinated coffee, as she gets out of the cafe she gets pulled into an insane magical musical number and people throw balloons filled with colorful powder get out of hand quickly. Alex arrived at work late and is a colorful mess. Alex gets distracted while she works by everyone else’s emotion songs to her. Alex gives advice to Nay who has sung a song about how crazy her family is  to her recently and helps her out. Alex realizes the previous songs are gone and is relieved. But the craziness isn’t done yet, a series of insane events take place, such as, singing magical battles, teleporting all around the world, and experiencing the universe of songs!

#4: Alex’s Opposites: Alex is suspended from her job as punishment for not showing up even though she was at work. Alex writes another song about gratefulness that she has in her life. But on her first day off in a long time turns out for the worse when her powers switch to the opposite. All day, wherever she went people continued to sing to her their ungratefulness which mixes emotions and racism. Alex is tired of the song haunting her. Realizing by helping others with their problems by giving advice. Alex sets out to find the people who sang to her their emotion songs in order to stop the song haunting. 

#5: Alex’s Unexpected Love: Alex is relieved to find the way to prevent the song haunting her in her sleep. On another shopping spree, Alex finds a pink notebook with the phrase, Writing Is The Expression of Your Soul in gold. Alex notices the pen she writes with in her song book and takes it apart and finds a small tube, an odd battery. Putting the tube battery back into the pen, Alex writes a new song about love. Next thing she knows her parents come to town and Alex thought she was attracting love, not her parents. But the tables are turned when love of family becomes constructive criticism and emotion songs are bringing out the worst of everyone in her family. 

#6: Alex’s Hidden Truth: Something about Alex’s power isn’t right. Alex creates a board she calls, The Fix Board to figure out what’s going on. In order to do so, Alex goes on a hunt to find answers to the magic pen’s origin with a shocking discovery about herself! 

#7: Alex’s Collision Break: Alex is dumbfounded when she learns that she has inherited her powers that were passed on from her father. But that’s not all, she had always had the musical magic. Alex reminisced through the past of flashbacks remembering things that were unusual she never noticed before. She figures out the magic battery in the pen and her own magic in her has collided by breaking the connection. Alex contacts her Dad and tells him everything. But, her father Lamont tells her about the Collision Break that can affect a separation from emotion and mind can destroy human connection. It is up to Alex to create a plan of action to fix the connection to become one again. 

#8: Alex’s Musical Magic Treasure Hunt: Alex has not yet figured out how to reconnect her power. An idea formed in her mind. Alex wrote a poem about finding treasure to indicate to find something that can help her. The poem works but unfortunately, the musical magic treasure hunt has scattered all over town and her Dad texts her that she must finish the hunt before sunset to crack the codes, collect clues to figure out each item’s connection, and riddles. 

#9: Alex’s Apathetic Emotions: Alex has solved the problem by the skin of her teeth by the last moment before sunset. She found another pen with a magic battery and joined the two batteries in her pen. She writes a new song about life’s tough times to test it out.  The emotion songs are back and everything seems to be back in order. It may seem everything is back to the way it is, but something else has changed. Alex soon realizes she can’t feel her own emotions. Once again the power has switched and it has caused her to become apathetic to everyone. 

#10: Alex’s Kindness and the Mysteries: Alex invites her Dad to her apartment and tells him that she’s apathetic. Her father tells her she has to do kind deeds to get back her emotions. As she does kind deeds wherever she goes. Alex meets a man who knows her secret at the vinyl store called Needle Boss, named Tietch. He tells her that he knows her father and that there are others like her. Tietch gives Alex a letter she reads that makes her feel scared. With every good deed she does, Alex gets back her emotions by literally chasing them to a Broadway theater where she gets back all of her emotions and something major happens that the reader doesn’t see. 

End of Season 1

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