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At the very beginning when starting to write on my blog, I created a quote that was wiped out. That is, We Write So We Can Live. Why? There was a technical glitch that made a lot of my posts disappear. Then I wrote my reintroduction of Katherine Monet and Marvelous Tomorrow 2.0. I remember writing another quote by Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Imagination is the center of all creativity. So why do people write in order to live? This has multiple meanings, but the main reason why we as creative or non creative people do is write. We write our experiences, secrets, dreams, and goals. We write stories and share them with the world. These two things are very important, because writing our feelings is like feeling free. Once you write down how you feel or a terrible experience, you’ll feel better because you let it out onto paper. 

We write so we can live, we live in our freedom and our goals, without any of that, what is it to life you can do? I am not questioning anyone’s life, this is a reminder to all of us that we write to keep on going. In the hardest of times, and even the challenging times you’ll need to reflect and to do that you write. Now you see how writing is in part of our daily lives, it is also part of a much greater culture. Writing is a form of art, it can be a poem, a story, an article, and a whole lot of other varieties of things. Writing is part of growing, to grow we learn and to learn we apply. And that’s why we write to live. 

Think about all of the great writers out there, such as, Shakespeare, Dickinson, Faulkner, Orwell, Tolkien, King, and Dickens among many others have written stories that can apply to our own lives and sometimes it can have elements that are in part of your life too! Authors from long ago and today’s day in age wrote books, and as I like to say, the words in books are a beautiful kind of magic. We learn so much from others’ writings and next thing you know it’s a great big movie on the big screen. Movies are somewhat similar to books because it is a visual story, a different kind of magic. We read and see stories everywhere, it can inspire us, make us happy, transport us in a whole different world, and gives us a sense of purpose. 

Characters from books and movies are as imperfect as human beings, they’re exactly like people, except for the fact that they’re fictional. Fictional characters can also be writers as well, that’s what the author of the story intended for that character. As you can see, even fictional characters themselves can be great role models we can look up to. For example, like Hercules, a character with incredible strength and Tiana from The Princess and the Frog who has a dream. Each and everyone of us has our inner Hercules and an inner Tiana. We have strength and dreams. We have life, writing, books, films, and TV series. Most importantly we all have a place where we can be who you want to be.

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