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Katherine Monet

I’ve written about what my stories are about in The Three Story Ideas, then I transformed them into the Story Idea Trailer Previews, but now I want to elaborate even more. There’s this whole world I’ve created and I want to share that with all of you, by writing in – depth features based on my stories. These features are all part of a magnificent universe I invented, and I feel like those stories are meant to be recognized, because every writer has something special to share with the world. In this universe of my stories, I will write about characters, plot, possible theories to explore where the story could go, story movies, different realms within the story to get to know, villains, and much more. 

I believe stories can be a way to express who we are, and learning to grow. Movies and shows have a new way of expressing real life situations being made, with symbolism and connecting to characters. It’s a great way to spark some inspiration in you. For example, if you take a look at what the meaning is behind the scene of a movie, like Fatherhood, Don’t Look Up, Girl Meets World, Glee, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Free Guy, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Dead Poets Society, you’ll see how a movie can be so much more. It’s something called visual storytelling. 

This also is the same for a story, it can spark something inside of you and by flipping through the pages of words, what I call magic, is something I want to do, it’s part of my destiny. I write stories to entertain you, transport you to a whole different world, and the meaning behind everything. This is Miss Marvelous Tomorrow, have a good day, and a better tomorrow. 

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