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Katherine Monet

I haven’t written for a while now, and that is because I’ve been busy with my writing and constantly learning new things on how to make my writing powerful and have a cinematic feel to it. I’ll catch you up on what I am up working on. For one I am working on my animated Late Night Show, preparing some interesting new stuff on the blog, I am writing a collection book series called The Magical Ones, and a lot of studying about my craft and the craft of film.

In the film industry, I want to learn everything I can, because eventually I will be in the industry myself some day. I have learnt a lot, especially from a free course about filmmaking, TV series, development, and production process on Studiobinder. I am learning so much, especially from a YouTuber I am following named Abbie Emmons. Her entire channel is about writing and helping other writers. She’s fantastic and I highly recommend checking out her YouTube channel. Almost forgot to mention, The Late Night Kate Show is now officially on YouTube. With that said, i’ll write again soon. Movie and out everybody!

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