Katherine Monet

I have wondered and dreamed about the biggest dream I’ve ever wanted to pursue, that is to create my own television company called Marvelous Original Productions! Someday in my future, I will go after this big dream and turn it into a reality. I shared lots of story ideas I call The Three Story Ideas and the expansion of that is The Three Story Idea Trailer Previews. Imagine all of those stories become films and television shows in a streaming app. That would be the greatest dream come true and I am sure it will happen, you know why, because I don’t give up anything I am passionate about without a fight. Big dreams and passions are meant to be pursued, to all of those people who think it’s crazy and impossible no matter what your passion is, I want all of you to know I believe in you.

This is Miss Marvelous Tomorrow signing out for now, I’ll be back for more!

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