Federal tax code change will help live theater nationwide
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Katherine Monet

In the town I live in and the city called Montreal, where I often go, aren’t very involved with the arts. Although there are a few museums which are nice to see, I feel like there’s nothing else interesting. I’ve been thinking a lot about the possibility in my future to create a more diverse city that is involved a lot more in the arts. Such as in the picture above, is a hint, an idea that has come to mind, Broadway. Broadway is the oldest and long running center where acting had first started in the early years of the time of Shakespeare and it has come a long way until now still going strong. There are times that I’ve questioned myself, what am I going to do with my life and how I going to fulfill it? This is one of the things I feel I’m destined to do. For the longest time, I always thought I wanted to get out of the place where I am to go to a glamorous part of the world. Then I realized, I don’t need to leave where I am, I need to bring the glamor to the city. Broadway, glow in the dark bowling, a futuristic – tech – like arcade and many other ideas can create my city into the most interesting place it needs to be. People want to go somewhere and have fun, cheap and free. And that my readers, is what a city of the arts shall be.

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